25 Best Side Hustles for Nurses to Earn Extra Income

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Drawing from my experience at the bedside, I've discovered these nursing side gigs strike a good balance between earning potential and the desire to try something new.

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In the bustling world of healthcare, nurses stand as unsung heroes, dedicating their lives to caring for others with unparalleled empathy and skill. Yet, even as we navigate the demanding rhythms of our profession, many of us seek to diversify our income and pursue passions outside the hospital walls.

As a Registered Nurse (RN) who began full-time work at a modest $36,000 per year (the U.S. median is a tick over $82,000), I empathize with those looking to make an extra buck.[1]

While I’m thankful to have earned a respectable income, the reality of life’s expenses, my student loans, and the desire for a financially secure future drove me to look for additional income streams.

Recognizing the diverse interests of such a large profession, I’ve curated a list of side hustles for nurses that blend well with our skill sets and schedules.

Included are healthcare-related options, leveraging our expertise and passion for helping others, alongside non-healthcare-related pursuits that allow for creative expression, personal development, and the joy of trying something new.

Want to get outside the hospital, office, or clinic? Skip to non-nursing side hustles.

Healthcare-Related Side Hustles for Nurses

These side gigs provide nurses the chance to leverage their expertise in ways that are both flexible and rewarding, complementing their full-time roles with additional opportunities.

1. Telehealth Nurse

Telehealth nurses provide medical care and consultation through digital platforms, allowing patients to receive healthcare services without the need to visit a facility in person.

As a nurse in this field, you’ll use video calls, messaging, and other online tools to offer advice, monitor health conditions, and guide patients through their treatment plans.

This approach not only expands access to healthcare but also opens up flexible job opportunities for nurses looking to work from home or explore a different facet of nursing outside the traditional clinical environment.

2. Health Coach

Getting personalized help from someone who understands diabetes can be immensely helpful.

Health coaching is a fulfilling way for nurses to apply their healthcare knowledge by guiding individuals towards healthier lifestyle choices. In this role, you’ll work one-on-one with clients to develop personalized health plans that may include nutrition, exercise, and wellness strategies.

Paige Proctor — wife of DollarSprout co-founder Jeff Proctor — earns an extra $2,000 to $3,000 per month with 1-on-1 diabetes coaching, providing a real-life example of how healthcare practitioners can make money outside their traditional 9 to 5s.

By utilizing motivational interviewing and goal-setting techniques, you’ll help clients achieve their health objectives, making this an impactful way to extend your nursing skills beyond traditional settings and into the realm of preventive health and wellness.

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3. CPR & Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor

Becoming a CPR and Basic Life Support (BLS) Instructor allows nurses to teach life-saving skills to both healthcare professionals and the general public.

This role involves conducting training sessions on how to properly perform CPR and use automated external defibrillators (AEDs), as well as providing basic first aid until professional medical help arrives.

It’s a way for nurses to extend their impact beyond patient care, contributing to the preparedness and safety of their community.

4. Freelance Health Writer

Freelance health writing allows nurses to channel their medical knowledge into informative content for a wide audience, including healthcare websites, blogs, patient education materials, and medical journals.

By translating complex health information into accessible and engaging language, nurses can play a pivotal role in educating the public, advocating for health awareness, and supporting informed decision-making.

This side hustle not only leverages a nurse’s expertise in healthcare but also offers a creative outlet and the opportunity to impact health literacy on a broad scale.

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5. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription involves listening to voice recordings made by healthcare professionals — often physicians — and converting them into written documents.

Nurses with a knack for detail and a good understanding of medical terminology can excel in this role, contributing to the accuracy of medical records and patient care documentation.

6. Online Tutor for Nursing Students

Online tutoring for nursing students allows nurses to share their knowledge and experience with the next generation of healthcare professionals.

By tutoring students in subjects like anatomy, pharmacology, and nursing practices, you can help them excel academically and prepare for their future careers in healthcare.

This side hustle not only makes use of a nurse’s extensive knowledge and experience but also offers a rewarding opportunity to mentor and support aspiring nurses.

7. Legal Nurse Consultant

Legal nurse consultants bridge the gap between healthcare and legal systems, utilizing their nursing expertise to consult on medical-related legal cases.

Nurses in this role analyze patient records, offer insights on healthcare standards and practices, and may even testify in court as expert witnesses.

This side gig allows nurses to apply their clinical knowledge in a new domain, offering a unique blend of challenges and learning opportunities outside traditional nursing roles.

8. Immunization Nurse

Immunization nurses play a crucial role in public health by administering vaccines to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

This nursing side gig allows providers to participate in community health initiatives, working in settings ranging from hospitals to public health clinics and schools.

It’s an excellent way for nurses to contribute directly to public health efforts, engage with a diverse range of patients, and support the well-being of their communities.

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9. Nursing Blog

Blogging offers nurses a platform to share their insights, experiences, and even humor about the industry.

This side gig spans from offering professional advice and health tips to crafting parody and humorous content that sheds light on the quirks of hospital life.

It’s a creative outlet that allows nurses to connect with a broader audience, including both healthcare professionals and the general public, through relatable stories and informative posts.

Kati Kleber (FreshRN®), Blake Lynch (Nurse Blake), and Clara Jones (itsclarajones.com) are but a few of hundreds of popular nursing-specific bloggers and content creators.[2]

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Other Side Jobs for Nurses

Next up are side jobs outside the healthcare world, chosen for their flexibility and the fresh change of scenery they offer nurses looking to branch out.

10. Food Delivery or Rideshare Driving

For nurses looking to supplement their income with flexible work hours, food delivery and rideshare gigs driving present convenient options.

These roles allow you to choose when and how often you work, providing a straightforward way to earn extra money on your own terms.

Whether delivering meals from local restaurants to customers’ doorsteps or driving passengers to their destinations, you’ll enjoy the freedom of being on the move, breaking away from the stationary environment of healthcare settings.

11. Pet Sitting/Dog Walking

Pet sitting and dog walking are ideal side gigs for nurses who love animals and are looking for a stress-relieving activity outside their clinical duties.

These roles not only offer a change of pace and scenery but also provide the joy of interacting with pets.

Flexible scheduling allows you to fit this work around your nursing shifts, making it possible to care for animals in their owners’ absence or take them for walks in your free time.

12. Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistants — most often working in a freelance capacity — provide support to needy businesses through help with administrative tasks such as scheduling, managing emails, data entry, and customer service.

Ideal for those who are organized, possess strong tech and communication skills, and enjoy varied tasks, this role allows for a significant shift from traditional office settings to a more adaptable and personal work environment.

13. Photography

Photography as a side gig not only unlocks a world of creative potential but also offers a pathway to significant financial rewards for those with a keen eye and technical prowess.

Whether capturing life’s special moments at weddings and events or creating compelling images for stock photography, the field is ripe with opportunity.

For instance, Christopher Todd, a DollarSprout reader and side hustle enthusiast, transformed his passion for photography into a $ 330,000-a-year business, illustrating the lucrative possibilities within this creative domain.

His success story underscores how turning a hobby into a professional pursuit can lead not just to personal fulfillment but also to substantial income.

14. E-commerce Seller

Laptop and iPhone mockups of the Club 504 website, built with Shopify

Becoming an e-commerce seller offers a dynamic entry into the world of online entrepreneurship, where you can sell anything from unique handmade goods to carefully selected products in your own online store.

This side hustle is particularly appealing for its flexibility, allowing you to manage your business around other commitments, and its scalability, giving you the potential to reach customers around the globe.

For example, Jeff and Paige — ever side hustling — started molding and selling luxury candles online. What started as a garage side hustle has now grown into a passive income-generating machine.


15. Crafting and Selling Homemade Goods

Selling crafts and handmade goods taps into the burgeoning market for unique, artisanal products, from jewelry and home decor to personalized gifts.

This side hustle not only allows creative individuals to monetize their hobbies but also connects them with customers looking for something special and handmade.

The digital era has significantly lowered the barriers to entry for artisans, enabling crafters to showcase their talents to a global audience through online marketplaces.

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16. Vacation Rental Hosting

Vacation rental hosting through sites like Airbnb and Vrbo has emerged as a popular side hustle, offering property owners a lucrative opportunity to earn income by renting out their space to travelers.

Beyond traditional vacation rentals, innovative platforms now allow individuals to rent out not just their homes or rooms but also unused space, vehicles, and equipment.

For example, sites like Neighbor facilitate the rental of extra storage space, while platforms like Turo and RVshare enable car and RV owners to earn money when they’re not using their vehicles. Additionally, Fat Llama offers a marketplace for lending out everything from photography equipment to musical instruments.

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17. Gardening or Landscaping Services

Offering gardening or landscaping services presents an outdoor, physical side hustle for those who enjoy working with plants and transforming outdoor spaces.

This venture appeals to individuals with a green thumb and a knack for design, providing services ranging from routine lawn care to elaborate garden planning and installation.

It’s an opportunity to turn a passion for gardening into a profitable business, catering to homeowners looking to enhance their property’s curb appeal or maintain their yards.

18. Freelance Content Creation

Freelance content creation allows individuals to leverage their writing, graphic design, video production, or social media skills to produce engaging content for businesses, brands, and creators. Other freelance services in high demand include:

  • SEO Specialist Services
  • Virtual Event Planning
  • Translation Services
  • Web Development
  • Social Media Management

This versatile side hustle caters to a growing demand for high-quality online content, offering a platform for creative expression and the opportunity to work on a variety of projects across different industries.

19. Online Course Creator

online course creator example

Becoming an online course creator offers a unique opportunity to package and sell your expertise through comprehensive knowledge courses, reaching learners worldwide.

Take Bird Bouchard, for example. The by-day journalist turned his background in media and interest in sports cards into a successful series of online courses designed to help newbies to the hobby buy and invest in sports cards.

With a straightforward approach and a dedication to sharing valuable strategies, Bouchard generates thousands in revenue per year, showcasing the practical potential of this side hustle for those willing to share their knowledge and skills.

20. Flipper

Becoming a flipper or reseller involves finding undervalued items from garage sales, thrift stores, or online marketplaces and selling them at a higher price.

This side hustle is perfect for those with an eye for potential in overlooked goods, whether it’s vintage clothing, electronics, furniture, or collectibles.

Flippers contribute to sustainability by giving a second life to items, all while making a profit. It’s a flexible side gig that allows you to set your own hours and choose your niche based on interests or expertise.

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Integrating Side Hustles into Your Financial Strategy

Exploring side hustles as a nurse isn’t just about supplementing income—it’s an opportunity to diversify your skills, enrich your life outside of healthcare, and even pave the way for financial independence.

Each side hustle, whether healthcare-related or not, comes with its unique set of financial implications, from immediate income boosts to potential long-term investments.

It’s crucial to consider how these endeavors fit into your overall financial plan, including savings goals, investment strategies, and tax implications.

Remember, the value of side hustles extends beyond the paycheck; they offer personal growth, professional development, and the chance to explore passions with the discipline and care you bring to nursing.



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