Ben Huber


Ben graduated from Virginia Tech in 2011 with a B.S. in Biology. He went on to obtain a B.S. in Nursing from Western Governors University in 2015, and worked as a Clinical Administrator for a regional hospital network before launching DollarSprout with his long time friend and business partner, Jeff, in October of 2017.

A long-time entrepreneur, Ben used his corporate experience, along with an established interest in hosting and web design, to launch what has become one of the fastest growing personal finance sites in the world.

A quoted personal finance expert in numerous online publications, including NBC, Business News Daily,, Discover Bank, MarketWatch, Intuit, Policygenius, Yahoo, and more, Ben works to help others live their best life financially.

To date, DollarSprout has helped over a million readers get a better handle on their finances. All of the content on DollarSprout is crafted with the intent to help readers worry less about money and make smarter financial choices — an important mission to Ben and Jeff.

Outside of work, Ben is a sports enthusiast (both playing and observing), and enjoys spending time with his fiancé, Morgan, and his dog, Sydney.

To learn more, connect with Ben on LinkedIn.

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