Freecash Review 2024: Pros, Cons & Is It Worth It?

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Freecash has exploded in popularity in recent years, becoming a go-to GPT site for making extra money. But popular doesn't necessarily mean good. Today we release the findings of our independent review.

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freecash iconFreecash Review Summary

freecash progressive web app dashboard as seen on iOS

+ How It Works:  Earn money via surveys, playing games, and performing various online tasks.

+ Earning Potential:  $10 to $50 per month (very active users could realize $100 or more).

+ Withdrawal Minimum:  $0.50 (crypto), $5 (PayPal or gift cards).

+ How It Compares:  Above average among competitors.

+ Our Rating:  4.0 out of 5 stars (see methodology)

+ Best For:  Users who do not have access to higher-earning side hustle opportunities but still want to earn extra income.

Try Freecash

Interest in has exploded in the last three years. In fact, it’s second only to Swagbucks in terms of daily search interest amongst “make money online” platforms according to Google Trends.

Keeping with our mission to review popular side hustle apps, we took the plunge and tested it for ourselves, bringing you a no-nonsense look at what it’s like to try and earn extra cash through the site.

From our first click to cashing out, we compared how Freecash stacks up against other popular get-paid-to (GPT) sites so you can decide whether or not the platform is worth it for you.

What Is Freecash?

freecash homepage preview is a micro job site that offers users the opportunity to make extra money through completing surveys, testing apps, playing games, and performing various online tasks.

Users can redeem their earnings for cash via PayPal, cryptocurrencies, or gift cards, making it a versatile choice for those looking to generate extra income. Ultimately, the site appeals to anyone 13+ years of age anywhere in the world looking for a flexible way to earn from home or on the go.

Earning Potential

   The Bottom Line:   

💰 Moderately active users can expect to earn $10 to $50 per month on the platform by completing occasional paid surveys, strategically converting on applicable offers, and through the occasional Event, Leaderboard, or Affiliate (referral program) payout.

💰 Very active users can plausibly earn $100 or more per month, most likely through a combination of Leaderboard payouts, high-value Offer conversions, and Affiliate earnings.

While not the only important variable, to many side hustlers, the top dollar figure is the most important. Our experience revealed that, while not without flaws, users of Freecash will make as much or more than with competing GPT sites.

How Freecash Works

Signing up for Freecash is fast and easy. Simply head to their website and create an account using your email address and a password of your choice.

freecash registration process

You’ll need to verify your email to unlock the free “welcome bonus” case they offer (users will randomly win between $0.05 and $250).

🔎 Our Experience: We earned a $0.05 bonus at registration, which we presume is the norm. We could not find a documented case across the web where a user won $250, suggesting extremely low odds of being awarded the top prize.

Once registered, users can immediately begin to complete small tasks to earn Freecash coins (1,000 coins is equal to $1 USD).

Specifically, Freecash users can start to earn redeemable coins and cash in the following ways:

  • Offers
  • Surveys
  • Leaderboard (ongoing promotion)
  • Affiliates (refer users)
  • Arcade (gamble coins)

Toggle through the tabs below for an in-depth look at each feature and our experience with them.



These represent the second-highest earning feature available through Freecash (referring users is technically the highest since there is no income cap). Users will earn anywhere between $0.01 and hundreds of dollars by completing the “fine print” steps required to convert on an offer.


If you’ve ever taken paid surveys for money, you’re aware of the experience and likely have tempered expectations for how much you’ll earn.

Freecash is no different in this regard because its platform hooks up to many of the same survey databases that you’ll find amongst other survey platforms.


One of Freecash’s best value propositions is its daily and monthly Leaderboard feature where they give a cumulative $20,000 or more to over 1,000 users each month.

It’s not random, so you have some control over your chances of appearing on the Leaderboard on any given day.


One semi-unique feature that separates Freecash from competitors is its generous revenue share-oriented affiliate program. While referral programs among GPT apps are commonplace, they generally pay a flat one-time bonus (let’s say $5 for inviting a family or friend).

Instead, Freecash offers a 10-tier system where users can work their way up based on the number of people they refer. The kicker is that you earn a lifetime percentage of your referred users’ earnings based on the tier you’re in.


Casino-like in nature, the Arcade offers users the opportunity to exchange coins for entries into random giveaways. There’s a house edge in both of the games they offer — Jackpots and Cases — with between 10% and 25% going to the house (Freecash).

+ Jump back to Features

While these features predominately cover the main ways users can earn money with Freecash, there are a few other time-sensitive opportunities to look out for.

For example, users can earn a free $0.15 by following Freecash on X (formerly Twitter).

Here, they periodically posted Bonus Codes that users can enter under the Rewards tab to claim additional earnings.

Similarly, Freecash frequently holds “Events” where they have an allotted prize pool they’ve elected to giveaway. This month, for their Spring giveaway, they’re divvying up $200,000 ($50k per week) worth of Apple and Google Play gift cards, AirPods, and iPhones, among eligible users.

Pros & Cons

Like every GPT site, there are benefits and drawbacks users may want to know about before investing time or energy into the platform.


  1. Large Number of Earning Opportunities. Freecash offers a variety of ways to earn money, including surveys, games, and different tasks, providing users with multiple options to choose from based on their preferences and skills.
  2. Low Payout Threshold. The platform stands out with a very low payout threshold of just $0.50 for Crypto and $5 for PayPal and gift cards, allowing users to access their earnings quickly and frequently, which is particularly appealing for those who need fast cash.
  3. Clean User Interface. The clean and intuitive user interface makes it easy for new users to navigate the platform, reducing the learning curve and enhancing the overall user experience.
  4. Good Payout Options. Users have a variety of payout options including PayPal, various cryptocurrencies, and gift cards, catering to diverse preferences for accessing earned money.
  5. Robust Survey Offerings. Freecash provides a wide range of surveys, making it easier for users to find opportunities that match their demographics and interests, which can lead to higher earnings.


  1. Offers May Not Track Correctly
    Some users may experience issues with offers not tracking properly, which can lead to frustration and lost potential earnings if completed tasks are not recognized by the system.
  2. Some Broken/Expired Offers. Occasionally, the platform might list offers that are broken or expired, wasting users’ time and potentially discouraging continued use of the service.
  3. Difficult to Level Up at Start. New users might find it challenging to advance to higher levels of earning opportunities, as leveling up can require significant initial effort and time investment.
  4. Time May Be Better Spent on Higher-Earning Side Hustles. For some users, the time invested in Freecash might yield lower returns compared to other side hustles or part-time jobs that offer higher earning potential.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings

To help users make the most out of their time on Freecash, we’ve come up with some practical tips for maximizing earnings on the platform:

Disable Your Ad Blocker. We learned this one the hard way. Ad blockers can break the tracking parameters used to track when you convert on an Offer. If the tracking is broken, you won’t earn your payout as desired.

Choose High-ROI Tasks First. Prioritize tasks and surveys that offer the best ROI on your time. This ensures you’re making the most money for your time spent on the platform.

Complete Daily Goals. Freecash often offers daily goals or challenges that can unlock additional bonuses. Make it a habit to complete these each day to boost your earnings. Modest earnings add up over time.

Freecash Alternatives

Freecash operates in a competitive space with several well-established platforms that offer similar opportunities to earn money through micro tasks, surveys, and games.

Here’s how it stacks up against its three largest competitors.

Freecash vs Swagbucks

Both platforms offer multiple avenues for earning money online, but they excel in different areas. Freecash stands out with its exceptionally low payout threshold of just $0.50, making it easier for users to access their earnings quickly, compared to Swagbucks’ $3 minimum. On the other hand, Swagbucks offers a broader variety of activities, including shopping and video watching, which may appeal to users looking for more diverse earning opportunities beyond the surveys and tasks that FreeCash emphasizes.

Freecash vs Survey Junkie

Freecash and Survey Junkie cater to users interested in earning money through online surveys, but Freecash differentiates itself by offering additional ways to earn, such as playing games and completing various tasks. This variety can appeal to users looking for more engaging and diverse earning opportunities, beyond just surveys.

Freecash vs InboxDollars

While Freecash features a mix of surveys, games, and micro-tasks, InboxDollars offers an even broader range of activities including reading emails, watching videos, and shopping, potentially appealing to users who prefer more everyday activities as earning mechanisms. However, Freecash stands out with its ability to pay out in cryptocurrencies in addition to traditional methods like PayPal and gift cards, providing a unique option for users interested in digital currencies, which InboxDollars does not offer.

Platform Earning Methods Payout Threshold Payment Options Average Earnings Per Task Sign-up Bonus Availability
Freecash Surveys, tasks, games $0.50 PayPal, Crypto, Gift Cards Varies, up to $5 per task Varies (promotional) International
Swagbucks Surveys, videos, shopping, games $3 PayPal, Gift Cards $0.40 – $2 per survey $10 International
Survey Junkie Surveys $5 PayPal, Gift Cards $1 – $3 per survey None USA, Canada
InboxDollars Surveys, emails, videos, shopping $30 Check, Gift Cards, Prepaid VISA $0.50 – $5 per task $5 USA

Is Freecash Worth It? Our Verdict

After thorough exploration and firsthand testing of Freecash, it’s evident that the platform is a legitimate and viable option for those looking to supplement their income with accessible online tasks. With its low payout threshold and diverse earning methods, Freecash distinguishes itself in the competitive field of GPT sites.

While Freecash is never going to replace a full-time job, it offers a practical solution for anyone—from teenagers to adults around the world—seeking a flexible way to earn a bit of extra pocket money each month. Particularly for those who may not have access to higher-paying side hustles, Freecash presents a straightforward, low-commitment option that’s worth trying out, potentially even preferable to its competitors for earning a little on the side.

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Is Freecash a legitimate platform to earn money?

Yes, Freecash is a legitimate platform for earning extra money online. Our firsthand experience confirmed that users can indeed earn through a variety of tasks, including surveys and games, with reliable payouts via methods such as PayPal and cryptocurrencies.

The platform has also received positive reviews from millions of users globally and maintains high ratings on review sites, reinforcing its credibility and reliability. Our testing resulted in consistent earnings, validating Freecash as a safe and trustworthy option for those looking to supplement their income.

Is Freecash free to use?

Yes, Freecash is free to use. There are no signup fees or required purchases to start earning money on the platform. Users can participate in various tasks, surveys, and games to earn rewards without any upfront costs.

However, it’s important to note that some offers, such as free trials or certain sign-ups, may require a payment or deposit to access the full benefits or potential earnings. Always read the terms of each offer carefully to understand any financial commitments involved.

Who can join Freecash?

Freecash is available to users worldwide, making it accessible to a global audience seeking to earn extra money online. The platform allows individuals who are 13 years of age or older to join, although users under 18 must have parental permission.

How quickly can I earn money on Freecash?

The speed at which you can start earning on Freecash depends on the tasks you choose and how quickly you complete them. Many users can begin earning immediately after completing the registration process by engaging in quick tasks or surveys.

Typically, smaller tasks and surveys can be completed in a matter of minutes, allowing you to accumulate earnings fairly quickly. However, the overall pace at which you can earn significant amounts will vary based on the availability of higher-paying tasks or offers that you qualify for.

Freecash’s website claims that the average time until a user makes their first cashout is approximately 17 minutes and 16 seconds, with an average earning of $28.02 per user yesterday. However, from our review, we found no supporting documentation for these claims, and based on our experience, these figures appear to be a stretch and possibly outdated.

The numbers have remained static every day, suggesting they are not updated timely. Our testing indicates that these earnings are not typical for the majority of users, making these claims seem unrealistic and potentially misleading.

What types of tasks are the most profitable on Freecash?

The most profitable tasks on Freecash that provide the best return on investment (ROI) of your time generally include participating in high-value offers and promotions. These tasks often involve signing up for services, completing specific actions within apps or games, and engaging with partner promotions. Such offers can be more lucrative compared to standard surveys or smaller tasks.

Additionally, participating in Freecash’s leaderboard contests, where users compete to earn points based on their activity, can also lead to significant earnings, especially for the top performers. Referral bonuses are another high-return activity, as you can earn a percentage of what your referred users make without additional ongoing effort from your side.

From our review and experience with the platform, these types of tasks and activities have consistently yielded higher payouts than routine surveys or micro-tasks, making them the best options for users looking to maximize their earnings efficiently.

How often does Freecash update its offers and tasks?

Freecash regularly updates its offers and tasks to provide users with fresh earning opportunities. The frequency of updates can vary, but new tasks and offers are typically added on a daily basis. This regular refresh helps maintain a steady stream of options for users to explore and earn from.

However, the availability of specific high-value offers might depend on several factors including your geographic location, demographics, and changes in market demand. It’s a good idea to check the platform often to catch new and potentially lucrative offers as they become available.

What should I do if I encounter a problem with a task or payment?

If you encounter a problem on Freecash, such as an issue with task tracking, payment, or accessing certain features, the first step is to consult their comprehensive FAQ section, which may already have a solution to your problem.

If the FAQ does not resolve your issue, you can begin a conversation with their on-site ChatBot. If the bot is unable to answer your question, your message can be forwarded to a human member of the support team for review.

Provide a detailed description of your issue, including any relevant screenshots or documentation, to help the support team understand and address your concern more effectively. Response times can vary depending on the volume of inquiries they are handling.

Rating Methodology

To determine the review score for Freecash, we considered the following criteria, each of which contributes to the overall effectiveness and user experience of the platform:

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