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DollarSprout Ibotta Review

Ibotta Review: Pros, Cons, and How the Grocery Cashback App Works

I’m a single woman with no kids. I’m picky about the brands I buy, eat mostly organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free, and am terrible at planning my grocery shopping. Even with all that in play, I earned $23 using Ibotta over the last three weeks, without changing my shopping habits. At this rate, I’ll easily earn…

Megan Robinson 02 Nov
Fetch rewards feature photo

Fetch Rewards Review: How Much Could You Save?

This Fetch Rewards review will help you learn a little more about one of the easiest cash-back apps available. It’s excellent for shoppers who are loyal to brands over stores and want to earn gift cards without much effort.

Jen Smith 17 Nov
woman saving money using smartphone app

16 Best Money-Saving Apps to Help You Reach Your Savings Goals

There are three types of money-saving apps: those that help you save money, apps that help you save while shopping, and apps that help you cut back expenses. Depending on your goals and preferences, you might need some, one, or all.

Kim Porter 20 Oct
Capital One Shopping vs Honey comparison

Capital One Shopping (Previously WikiBuy) vs. Honey: Which Cash Back Browser Extension is Better?

While there are several browser extensions you can choose, the biggest ones are Capital One Shopping and Honey. How do you know which one is better? In this review, we’ll compare Capital One Shopping vs. Honey so you can determine which one is right for you.

Jen Smith 08 Sep
woman putting money into piggy bank

7 Experts Share Their Best Hacks for Saving Money

Whether you want to save money on groceries, shopping, or travel, there’s a tip that can help you do it. If you’re ready to start stacking cash instead of spending it all, these expert strategies can help you get into the saving groove.

Rebecca Lake 02 Sep
woman calculating savings on smartphone

Advice from 3 People Who Use Trim to Save Hundreds

Trim is designed to be your own personal financial assistant for saving money. But can Trim really save you money and help lower your bills? We asked three Trim users to share their personal savings insight.

Rebecca Lake 20 Aug
woman using cash back app to save money

This Savings Pro Collected $830 from Ibotta and Rakuten Last Year. Here’s How She Did It.

Shopping for groceries, clothes, and other everyday items can take a toll on your wallet. Taking advantage of cash back apps is a smart move for earning some of what you spend back and saving money.

Rebecca Lake 27 Jul
A rack of dozens of gift cards

9 Places to Buy Discounted Gift Cards and Save Tons of Money

Buying discounted gift cards can save you more than 10% off everyday items at stores you already shop at. But every site has its own rules, especially if you’re trying to sell your own gift cards to them.

Trinity Owen 22 Jun
woman watching cable tv alternatives

Cable TV Alternatives: How to Cut the Cord and Save Tons of Money

If you’re considering canceling cable TV, you may still want to use something else instead of it. If that’s the case, there are some alternatives that will help you save money and let you pay only for the channels you want to watch.

Veneta Lusk 25 May
Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping Review: What We Love (and Hate) About It

I suffer from a common shopper’s conundrum: I love finding ways to save money, but I hate shopping around for the best deal. In the past, every time I would get ready to check out online, I’d open a new tab and type “[SITE NAME] coupon codes” into Google. Sometimes I’d search through pages of…

Megan Robinson 08 May