16 Great Alternatives to Amazon for Shopping Online

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Not everyone is a fan of the behemoth that is Amazon. If you're looking alternatives to Amazon for ethical or political reasons, or you simply want to try to find a cheaper deal elsewhere, here are a dozen other places to consider.

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Most consumers agree that shopping on Amazon is quick and convenient.

It caters to your desire to save time, avoid crowded stores, and you can scroll through thousands of items with a few clicks or swipes. In many ways, Amazon has revolutionized the retail industry in this era of convenience.

Amazon was always my go-to option when I didn’t have time to run to a traditional store. I bought most household goods and several gifts from its site thinking I was saving time and money. And with high competition in the e-commerce world, I assumed Amazon’s prices were competitive, if not the cheapest.

My blind loyalty ended when I found that Walmart.com sold the exact same printer ink I bought on Amazon for almost $20 less.

As it turns out, many shoppers have had similar experiences. Prices for home goods on Amazon are 34% higher than the same products at Walmart, according to an article by Business Insider[1].

Even if you can afford to spend more to shop at Amazon, why should you? Luckily, there are alternatives to Amazon that can save shoppers even more time and money.

Legit Amazon Alternatives for Online Shopping

Amazon’s overwhelming selection of products doesn’t guarantee it’ll have what you’re looking for at the best price. This is when shopping at sites like Amazon can help. You might find more specialized items with better prices, offers, and deals.

1. Target

Target.com is an Amazon alternative that carries a similar range of goods. The site offers competitive prices and gives an extra 5% off to Target REDCard holders.

target homepage - Amazon alternative

Target has several of the same time-saving delivery options shoppers find at Amazon, including:

  • Same-day delivery with Shipt
  • In-store pickup for online orders
  • Drive-through delivery to your car
  • Free next-day shipping on daily essentials of $35 or more
  • Free 2-day shipping when you use your REDcard or spend at least $35

Target’s subscription option rivals Amazon’s Subscribe and Save program. Subscribing to deliveries with Target awards you with free shipping and 5% off every order.

2. Overstock

One of the websites most like Amazon is Overstock.com. The site doesn’t sell food or beverages, but the selection of trendy furniture, home decor, electronics, and office supplies doesn’t disappoint.

Overstock homepage

Purchase totals over $45 ship for free and are only $4.95 if the order doesn’t meet that minimum amount.

Another perk of buying on Overstock is the return policy. Your refund amount will include the full cost of the item plus any shipping charges paid if you start the return process within 30 days of your order.

Overstock’s membership is an excellent alternative to Amazon Prime. Called Club O, it costs a mere $19.95 per year.

Benefits include:

  • Free shipping on every purchase
  • 5% back in rewards
  • Competitor price matching guarantee
  • Up to $40 in rewards for reviewing a purchased product
  • Up to 45% savings in the Club O Extra Rewards Store

3. AliExpress.com

AliExpress is a massive shopping site that sells products at much lower prices than you’d find on Amazon. This company cuts out the middleman with its factory-direct store model.

AliExpress homepage

The site has thousands of items that range from high-end merchandise to discount and bulk deals. On AliExpress, you get bargains on clothing, computers and electronics, pet products, beauty items, automobiles, and home improvement.

4. Newegg.com

If you’re shopping for electronics and tech products, Newegg.com is one of the better alternatives to Amazon you’ll find. The excellent customer service, daily deals, and fast shipping are major draws of this leading e-commerce site.

Newegg matches Amazon’s excellent shipping with items arriving in as few as one business day. Some larger items, such as televisions or appliances, come with a White Glove Delivery option. This superior service will deliver your purchase to your room of choice, unpack the item, and take care of excess packaging remnants.

For even more savings, the Newegg Outlet sells open box, clearance, and refurbished electronics at discounted prices.

5. Barnes and Noble

Next to Amazon, Barnes and Noble is the go-to retailer for books of all kinds. It has a well-established online presence and over 600 bookstores throughout the U.S.

Barnes and Noble also offers excellent prices on gifts, games and collectibles, art supplies, and decorative goods. Looking for other bookseller sites? Books-A-Million, Powell Books, and other indie bookstores have an online presence as well.

6. BuyDig

BuyDig’s site claims it’s the “Internet’s Digital Superstore.” Comparable to Amazon, this site is known for selling computers, sports and fitness wear, office supplies, TVs, and kitchen and houseware brands.

BuyDig homepage

Free ground shipping is always available, though it frequently features free upgrades for faster shipping.

Like Amazon, BuyDig has a straightforward return policy and can issue a full refund if you change your mind about a purchase.

7. eBid

Online auction site eBid has some of the best prices on new and used goods in all product categories. As of 2019, the site has over 2.7 million items for sale.

eBid has 28,000 categories to choose from and sells items like:

  • Football jerseys
  • Antique lamps
  • Vintage jewelry
  • Bicycle parts
  • iPhones
  • Designer cologne
  • Nursery bedding

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8. Online Marketplaces

When shopping online, sometimes the best value is found directly from sellers in your area wanting to get rid of their things.

Local Facebook Groups have been known to offer steep discounts on everything from laundry soap and clothing to electronics, camping equipment, and furniture. Facebook Marketplace has also gained popularity as a site to find low-priced items.

Another well-known online marketplace is letgo. Letgo allows shoppers to find local goods in their own neighborhood through the app and website.

Alternatives to Amazon for Selling Your Stuff

Selling your stuff online can help if you need cash or want to free up space in your home. Amazon’s Trade-In program is an option, but it only pays in Amazon gift cards and processing could take up to 10 days or more.

There is a multitude of alternative websites that offer similar or better buy-back options as Amazon.

9. Decluttr

Decluttr fast-tracks the process of selling unwanted items. There’s no hassle of taking photos to list an item for sale or waiting to find a buyer.

It can buy CDs, DVDs, games, books, cell phones, tech gadgets, and LEGO® products directly from you.

The app has a free valuation tool that gives price estimates instantly. If you accept the offer, you pack and ship your items to Decluttr using the free shipping label provided.

easy place to buy tech, games and gadgets

Decluttr sends money for your items by PayPal, check, or direct deposit to your bank. Or you can opt to donate your earnings to a charity of your choice.

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10. Buyback Boss

BuyBackBoss an Amazon alternative

Buyback Boss is an easy, streamlined way to get money for your used smartphone, tablet, or other electronics.  All you need to do is answer a few questions about the device’s specifications and you’ll get an instant quote. If you get a higher offer from another site, BuyBackBoss has a price-matching guarantee which means you can still get that price but through its site instead of its competitor’s. 

If you accept its offer, it sends you, via email, a pre-paid shipping label you can use to ship the device. You can choose your payment in the form of a physical check, PayPal deposit, or a charitable donation.

11. BookScouter

Do you have old textbooks collecting dust around the house? BookScouter can help trade them in for cash.

bookscouter homepage

The site saves time by comparing offers from multiple vendors with one click and is known as one of the best places to sell textbooks.

The highest price isn’t always listed first so make sure to review all options before selling back your textbooks.

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12. Gazelle

Gazelle is a top pick to sell your electronics. The company reports paying over $200 million to people selling their used laptops, tablets, smartphones, and electronic devices.

sell your phone on gazelle

Within minutes, Gazelle will provide an offer for your item.

Gazelle pays you by check, PayPal, or Amazon gift card. Pick your preferred payment method to get money in your hand.

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13. Shopify

Consider Shopify to make even more money selling your things. This online platform is easy to use and has a low startup cost.

shopify homepage

With Shopify, you can:

  • Create your own online store
  • Promote and sell products
  • Make money on your site, with mobile, social media, and in-person sales

If you’re on the fence, Shopify has a free 14-day trial with no credit card required.

14. Letgo

Letgo is the perfect way to sell large items or things that are hard to ship. The site and app focus on your local market, where arranging pickup or delivery is an option.

letgo homepage

Snap a photo and add a few details to your listing to attract buyers. Shoppers can search your items online or with the app, making letgo an excellent Amazon alternative.

15. OfferUp

Another local app, OfferUp, allows sellers to post almost anything for sale. Listing items from iPads and automobiles, to craft supplies and prom dresses takes fewer than 30 seconds.

OfferUp enables buyers in your area to ask questions or submit an offer through the app. The buyer will pay in person, so there’s no need to set up a system to accept payments online.

16. Etsy

Etsy is a fan-favorite destination to sell handmade designs, vintage items, craft supplies, and more. Like Amazon, it’s a very well-known site with a loyal base of buyers and sellers.

There’s no upfront investment to worry about, which makes Etsy a fantastic option to list items for sale.

To begin, create a free account and add items to your Etsy store. You control your earnings by setting your own prices. Payment options include direct deposit and PayPal.

How to Save Money on Sites like Amazon

The high brand recognition and vast selection of products make Amazon a convenient one-stop shop. Plus, paid online survey sites often pay you in free Amazon gift cards, making shopping there even more tempting.

It’s important to remember that Amazon isn’t the only option. Shopping might be more efficient and less expensive at one of the Amazon alternatives listed above. And, if you’re a seller, make sure to compare the selling and listing fees to get the most profit for your used items.

Amy Beardsley

Amy is a personal finance expert with bachelor's degrees in business administration and legal studies. She has a passion for personal finance and is on a mission to help everyday families develop better money habits and escape the burden of debt. Her work has been featured on The Huffington Post, Money Tips, and various other personal finance publications. When she’s not writing about money or perfecting her budgeting spreadsheet, Amy enjoys playing board games with her family and watching Marvel movies.


Just a little note: Jet is owned by Walmart now so when you go to their site, it will direct you to shop on Walmart.

Michael L Ball
Michael L Ball

Amazon didn’t turn out to be worthwhile. I’ve had a few issues and no response. In the last three years, I’ve only shopped there once.
My next door neighbor bought a set of running boards for his SUV. They didn’t fit. When he inquired about returning them, the seller wanted a return fee. I wrote the part number down and checked: the number was correct for this car.
Amazon did nothing.
Wise up. Many people are overlooking the fact that they can be the next person to get knocked down.


After what Amazon did to the American people’s freedom of speech (cutting off the hosting for Parler) I’m done with them as well. I used to shop a lot! This article will help me look around elsewhere from now on! Canceling my Prime and removing Amazon from my phone. I didn’t even use Parler, I just don’t think it’s up to a corporation to determine what social media site people choose to use. It’s just in bad taste.


Agree. I too am canceling my Prime with Amazon after what they did to the American’s freedom of speech (cutting off Parler). Very disappointed with Amazon. This is a great eye opener on what type of people run these corporations.

Christopher J Wahl
Christopher J Wahl

I got cheated by a third party. Amazon was no help. And the worst part is things never get the attention that they deserve. And the absolute worst thing ever…they replaced all the native English speaking, (first generation) people and now it’s impossible to understand anyone on the line. No offense to anyone, but I can not understand what they are saying. If I ask them to repeat, I am treated like a dog. I have even been hung up on, many times. Enough with Amazon!


I agree with you, regarding Amazon. Things have gotten so bad.

The overseas agents are impossible to understand, and they refuse to transfer me to a native English-speaking representative.

I think the reps in the US must be overworked, as they are now getting short with customers. After today, I will only watch Prime and not purchase from Amazon again.


Another good one is Poshmark. They are great for buying or selling, and you are helping individuals and small businesses.


Amazon now owns Zappos, so cross that one off the list.

Robert Gaudreau
Robert Gaudreau

Amazon is nothing but a big pain. You are right. I also can’t understand what they are saying. Their third-party shoppers aren’t any better.

Robert M
Robert M

Amazon decided to cut me off from leaving reviews and wouldn’t tell me why. After asking 3 times and receiving the same e-mail that just had a link to their review policies, I quit. They also lied about “warning me” via email – they “warned” me and silenced me within 3 days of each other and I hadn’t left any reviews in the meantime. I am always respectful in my reviews and can’t imagine what I did wrong – but I have to imagine since they won’t tell me. I did nearly ALL of my shopping on Amazon and now they lose over $25,000 per year from our household.

David Moss
David Moss

Often overlooked is that Amazon also fails the people who helped build it — the small to medium-sized businesses. Quite often product inventories are disabled over busy weekends whether by chance or deliberate. Happened during black Friday and on other occasions. Also, if one item fails to be delivered it can push your metrics down, and instantly your entire account is frozen. They have strict mechanisms in place which do not account for postal strikes or any other reason impacting distribution links. The stress it causes to deal with a company that runs its third-party sellers through an algorithm is mind-breaking. Although they have brought convenience to a new level and that is an amazing feat, the treatment of the smaller businesses that utilize its platform is disgraceful. Imagine shipping an item out which is damaged in transit and then having to pay $200 to have it returned. So the flaws of Amazon are on both sides.


I’m sick of Amazon and I’m done. They’ve been slacking badly for a while now. I just canceled a fairly large order for Christmas. 2 days later and nothing’s been processed. About a month ago they botched an order so bad they just offered a refund because they had no idea what happened to it. Too close to Christmas for that kind of nonsense. I think they forgot they aren’t the only place to shop online.

Katrina T.
Katrina T.

Amazon deactivated my account stating it was created specifically for paid reviews (stating that I violated community guidelines!) I am a Prime member and have had my account since 2016, and have spent plenty of money on purchases, all for them to delete ALL my reviews and any contributions.

I’m going to try other alternatives because their customer service sucks! And their two-day shipping is not true.

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