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man placing for sale sign in front of house

How to Sell Your House in 9 Simple Steps

Putting your home up for sale is a big decision that comes with a lot of questions. The first matter to consider is how to sell your house. Should you contact a listing agent for help? Or sell your house privately?

Amy Beardsley 13 Jun
couple saving money to avoid lifestyle inflation

How to Avoid Lifestyle Inflation When Your Salary Increases

Lifestyle inflation occurs when your spending increases as your income increases. Some lifestyle creep is okay. It can even be motivating. But too much can make it difficult for you to get ahead financially and meet your long-term goals.

Anna Baluch 10 Jun
person working on tax returns

What Are the Federal Tax Brackets for 2020?

Federal tax brackets change every year so it’s not surprising that most consumers forget which bracket they’re in. Knowing which tax bracket you fall in can help you craft a new tax strategy and pay less in taxes.

Richmond Howard 23 May
When should you take a pay cut for a new job?

When Is It Okay to Take a Pay Cut for a New Job?

As we progress in our careers, we tend to make more money. Especially as we add new skills, move on to larger companies, and start managing other people. But sometimes we discover that a higher salary doesn’t equal happiness.

Anna Baluch 28 Apr
family posing in front of a house

Six Reasons You Need an Estate Plan, Even in Your Thirties

An estate plan is a group of documents that lay out a plan for your family and assets should you become unable to manage them. It’s not just for rich people, either; everyone should have one, regardless of income.

Jen Smith 23 Apr
Woman holding a credit card looking for PayPal Alternatives

How to Find the Best Personal and Business PayPal Alternatives

For a while, PayPal’s been the biggest payment processor. But now there are a slew of PayPal alternatives. Some offer lower fees, better customer service, and a better user experience. Here are the best alternatives to PayPal for both business and personal use.

Richmond Howard 13 Feb
couple meeting with financial advisor

9 Pieces of Free Financial Advice That You Shouldn’t Ignore

When I started to take control of my money, the first place I went was online. I learned more about money for free than I ever knew was possible. Since I couldn’t afford a financial advisor, this free financial advice was a lifesaver.

Anna Baluch 10 Feb
DollarSprout LendingTree Review

LendingTree Review 2020: Pros, Cons, and How It Works

Everyone needs a loan at some point in their life. Whether you’re going to college, buying a car, or purchasing a home, debt is a major part of many people’s lives. LendingTree is a user-friendly website that helps people find and compare multiple loan offers.

TJ Porter 10 Jan
bad financial advice

6 Common Pieces of Financial “Advice” That May Actually Be Hurting You

New books, podcasts, and blogs pop up every day with tips on how you should spend, save, and invest your money. While lots of advice is practical and helpful, there is a lot of bad financial advice you should ignore.

Anna Baluch 27 Dec
young man in a grassy field looking ahead

18 Financial Goals You Should Absolutely Have in 2020

Setting short term financial goals, and then following through, is key to your long term financial success. Here’s a smart list of financial goals for 2020.

Ben Huber 20 Dec