13 Best Places to Sell Video Games for Cash

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Do you have an old copy of Street Fighter II or Sonic the Hedgehog lying around collecting dust? Instead of tossing them in the trash, you can sell your used games online (or in-person) for some extra cash.

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Do you have an old copy of Street Fighter II or Sonic the Hedgehog lying around collecting dust?

What about the OG versions of Call of Duty or Halo?

If they’ve been shamefully neglected and you’re thinking of tossing them, you may want to see if they’re still worth anything before kicking them to the curb.

Like cell phones and other electronics, old (and especially recently released) video games can be worth a ton of money.

For some, it’s nostalgia. They’re willing to pay big bucks for video games they played when they were kids. For other video game buyers, it’s all about price. If they can get a gently used game for pennies on the dollar, all because it’s missing its original wrapping, they’re happy to spend.

Go participate in a trade-in. Get cash for old video games. Whatever you do, don’t let a shelf full of great games waste away as they lose value over time.

To facilitate the transition of games from one gamer to another, we compiled a list that everyone will love. Here are the top places to sell video games and game consoles (online or in person) so you get the most money for them.

8 Best Places to Sell Video Games Online

Best Places to Sell Video Games Online

Selling video games online is, generally speaking, an easy way to make money. But not all selling platforms are created equally.

Factors such as fees, payout timeline, and ease of use [for each video game selling site] can vary drastically (e.g. some sites offer next day payouts while others may take days or even weeks to see cash hit your bank or PayPal account).

To help you choose the site that best fits your needs, we consolidated information, compared the sites, and assigned a rating from 1-5 stars based on how well a company addresses each factor.

1. Decluttr

Decluttr is a site that sells used electronics, including used video games. To sell a video game, enter or scan the barcode using Decluttr’s free app. Decluttr will give you an instant quote if it accepts your item.

get an instant cash offer on used video games from decluttr

Decluttr makes it simple to sell games for cash by providing a free UPS shipping label. It also pays you the day after your shipment arrives. The only downside to Decluttr is it won’t return your item if the item doesn’t pass quality inspection.

Ease 5/5: The app lets you scan a video game barcode to get an instant quote. Decluttr also has free shipping and a one business day payment schedule.

Time 5/5: You’ll only need to invest a little time to find your items, scan the barcodes, and accept Decluttr’s offer. Drop off your package at any UPS store. You’re paid within one business day of your shipment receipt in most cases.

Fees 5/5: Decluttr doesn’t charge any fees to get a quote or sell your item. Shipping is free.

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2. Amazon’s Trade-in Option

Amazon’s trade in program accepts video games. To determine if your game is eligible, search Amazon’s gaming trade-in store. If your item appears on the list, the trade-in program accepts it. You’ll also see the maximum price you could receive for each item.

You’ll be informed if your item passed quality inspection within two business days of Amazon receiving your shipment. Amazon provides a free pre-paid shipping label for your items. It will also return most rejected items to you for free.

Ease 4/5: It’s easy to use Amazon’s trade-in program, but you do have to manually search for your item. It’s just a little more effort than scanning the barcode with Decluttr.

Time 4/5: With the prepaid shipping label, you simply have to drop your package off for shipping. You’ll receive payment within two days of your package receipt, a little slower than Decluttr’s turnaround.

Fees 5/5: Amazon doesn’t charge fees to trade in your items.

3. Swappa

Another fairly straightforward way to sell video games is through Swappa. To get started, enter information about your video game, choose a price, and upload pictures. After validating the listing, Swappa posts your game for sale in its online marketplace.

When your game sells, you’re paid via PayPal before shipping. You’re responsible for shipping the game to the buyer within two business days of purchase.

Ease 4/5: Search for your item on Swappa before creating a listing. Swappa offers price guidance to help you choose a competitive price.

Time 4/5: You’ll have to pay to ship the item yourself, which takes more effort than using a prepaid shipping label. You’ll receive payment instantly rather than waiting for the buyer to receive the shipment.

Fees 4/5: Items that sell for under $50, like most video games, don’t incur any additional listing or selling fees. Swappa charges fees on a sliding scale for items selling for $50 or more.

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4. eBay

eBay is a huge online platform for getting rid of video games, selling phones, and other electronics. You’ll reach a large audience when you sell video games on eBay, and it’s easy to post your items. eBay facilitates the payment process and provides a discount-rate shipping label.

how to sell a video game on ebay

The convenience and market access of eBay comes with a cost, though. There’s no fee to list an item if you list less than 50 items each month, but eBay collects 10% of the sold item’s final value with a few exceptions.

Ease 3/5: eBay makes it easy to post an item on its marketplace. eBay also facilitates payment and shipping, but you’re ultimately responsible for working with the buyer. You do have to manually enter a photo and description of your item.

Time 4/5: Shipping labels and an automated payment process mean that your time investment to sell on eBay is low. However, it may take a while for your item to sell.

Fees 3/5: Unlike many other sites, you’ll pay 10% of your item’s selling price to complete the transaction through eBay. You also pay for shipping, although eBay does provide discounted rates.

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5. OfferUp

OfferUp is a selling app that connects you with local and national buyers to sell your video games and other items. You can easily get cash for video games by uploading a picture and description to the marketplace [via the OfferUp app].

It’s free to list an item for sale on OfferUp, as long as you buy or sell in cash. However, if you sell and ship the item, you’ll pay a 9.9% service fee. The buyer typically pays for shipping. OfferUp provides a shipping label that will be emailed and sent via the app after you’ve accepted an offer.

Ease 3/5: You can easily post your item for sale by using the OfferUp app. You will have to post a photo and description of your item. OfferUp handles payment and provides a shipping label. Since OfferUp connects you with buyers, it may take time for your item to sell.

Time 3/5: It takes a little extra time to provide the item details. However, the provided shipping label means that you only have to pack and drop off sold items. Since you have to find a willing buyer, your games won’t sell instantly.

Fees 3/5: When you sell online, OfferUp charges a 9.9% service fee for sold items.

6. Trade4Cash

Trade4Cash is a website that focuses exclusively on video games and gaming consoles.

To get started trading, search for your item on the Trade4Cash website or browse to find the game you’re selling. Select the game condition and other options for your game. Then Trade4Cash provides you an instant valuation.

Ease 5/5: Search for your item on Trade4Cash’s website to receive an instant valuation. Get paid via PayPal, check, or Amazon e-gift card.

Time 5/5: Your time investment is minimal. All you have to do is search for your items and drop off the package at the post office.

Fees 5/5: There’s no fee to sell your games to Trade4Cash, and it’ll pay for shipping on any item valued over $10.

7. Gameflip

You can sell video games, game consoles, and in-game items on Gameflip. Simply create an account, and click the “Start Selling” button to list your item. Once a buyer purchases your game, Gameflip will notify you via email and the Gameflip app.

gameflip homepage

There’s no fee to list an item in the Gameflip marketplace. When your item sells, you have a few flat-rate shipping options.

Ease 3/5: You list your video game for sale by uploading a photo and description. Then, manage your listing via the Gameflip app. Gameflip connects you with a buyer, so you’ll have to wait for your item to sell.

Time 3/5: Shipping is straightforward, but you might not be paid for a while. It could take some time for your item to sell, and you won’t be paid until the buyer receives the shipment.

Fees 4/5: There are no fees to list your item on Gameflip, and shipping costs are minimal.

8. The Old School Game Vault

The Old School Game Vault makes it easy to sell used video games online. Search for your game on its website to receive an instant valuation. It’ll send you a shipping label if your order is $75 or more in value.

Shipping is free for orders more than $100 and a flat rate of $10 for orders between $75 and $100. You’ll have to pay shipping if your order is below $75.

The Old School Game Vault will pay you within two to four days of receiving your package. You can choose to receive payment via Paypal, check or Amazon e-gift card.

Ease 3/5: Search for your item on The Old School Game Vault site to receive an instant valuation. You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label, but only if your shipment is valued over $75. Its site can be somewhat difficult to navigate.

Time 4/5: It doesn’t take much time to receive a quote from The Old School Game Vault. However, you’ll have to handle shipping yourself for small shipments. You’ll get paid two to four days after your package is received.

Fees 4/5: It will cost more to trade in your games with The Old School Game Vault than on some of the other sites since you pay for shipping on orders valued less than $100.

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5 Places to Sell Video Games for Cash Near Me

Best Places to Sell Video Games Locally

You can sell items locally if listing your item and shipping it seems like too much work. Furthermore, if you push a hard bargain, there’s a chance you could get more cash for your game by negotiating a price in person.

Your buyer pool will be significantly smaller, but if you’re in no rush, consider listing your games on several of the platforms below. If you don’t get a hit, or you don’t have a location near you, it’s back to the online options above.

1. GameStop

GameStop is a national video game store chain with more than 6,000 locations. Trade in your used video games at GameStop for cash or store credit. Search for your items on GameStop’s website to see how much your games are worth.

2. Craigslist

If you’re willing to coordinate with potential buyers, you can list your video games for sale on Craigslist. When you sell on Craigslist, it’s up to you to negotiate a price and meet with your buyer. Make sure to always choose a public location any time you’re meeting a stranger to exchange goods.

3. Facebook Marketplace

facebook marketplace is a great place to sell video games and game consoles for cash at locations near you

Your local Facebook Marketplace is another place you can sell your video games. Like Craigslist, you have to upload a picture and description. You’ll also coordinate with buyers on a price, meetup time, and location.

4. Game X Change

Game X Change is a smaller national chain, with locations in 12 states. Mostly located in the Mid-south and Midwest, Game X Change will buy used games for cash or store credit. Check out Game X Change’s locations to see if there’s a store near you.

5. The Exchange

The Exchange has stores primarily in Ohio and Pennsylvania but also has locations in Illinois, Indiana, and New Mexico. This regional chain buys and sells video games, movies, and more.

Don’t Take the First Trade-In or Instant Cash Offer

You can make cash from your old video games by selling them online, at a local store, or to an individual in your area.

One piece of advice: don’t jump on the first offer you’re given; there’s a good chance there’s more money to be made elsewhere.

Compare several places and vendors to see which place is going to give you the most for your game. No matter where you choose, don’t wait to sell your used video games once you stop playing them — more recently released games sell faster (and tend to hold their value better).

If you’ve beaten a game, and have an inkling you won’t play it much in the future, it’s time to let it go while it’s still worth something.

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