Anna Baluch

Anna Baluch, Personal Finance Expert and Freelance Writer at DollarSprout

Anna Baluch is a personal finance expert who enjoys covering topics such as mortgages, retirement, insurance, and investing.

Her work can be seen on The Balance, Business Insider, Experian, and other well-known publications.

Anna lives in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, and holds a Master’s degree in marketing from Roosevelt University.

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40+ Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (2024 Edition)

My husband and I are big fans of Valentine’s Day. Some people consider it a “Hallmark holiday,” but we love it because it gives us an excuse to treat one another and make some great memories. Last Valentine’s Day we booked a relaxing couples spa day, complete with champagne, chocolate, and massages. It was a…

Anna Baluch 05 Feb

5 High-Paying Virtual Assistant Companies to Work For

In our increasingly busy world, business owners and entrepreneurs have jam-packed schedules. This doesn’t leave much time for tasks like answering phones, booking travel, or managing social media. That’s where you, as a virtual assistant (VA), come in. VAs can take care of these types of administrative and marketing tasks so business owners don’t have…

Anna Baluch 29 Jun

Lifestyle Inflation: 5 Tips for Avoiding the Silent Budget Killer

Chris Mamula and his wife grew their household income from about $50,000 to nearly $180,000 between 2000 and 2012. Despite this increase, they didn’t move to a larger home, upgrade their vehicles, or go on regular shopping sprees. Instead, they put their extra cash toward their mortgage payment, which they paid off in 7 years,…

Anna Baluch 10 Jun

15 Legitimate Places to Participate in Paid Research Studies

A few years ago, I got an invitation to attend a research study hosted by a local skincare company. They were launching a new line of products and wanted feedback from 20 to 25 year-old-women with dry skin. Since I was a new college grad who needed extra cash, I decided to go. They asked…

Anna Baluch 08 Jun

How Bill Negotiation Apps Can Save You Hundreds — And 3 Apps to Try

Imagine what life would be like if you spent less money on bills every month. You’d have more cash to put toward savings, retirement, and luxuries like travel or dining out. You’d find it easier to meet your short- and long-term financial goals. Fortunately, you can find ways to save money on your bills. While…

Anna Baluch 06 Jun

14 Data Collection Apps For Earning Easy Passive Income

Every day, search engines, social media platforms, and blogs collect and store your data. When you spend time on these websites, e-commerce stores and other businesses learn about your browsing habits, buying behavior, and interests. This data helps them improve their marketing campaigns, launch new products, and ultimately make more money. Most of these websites…

Anna Baluch 04 Jun

9 Legitimate Ways to Get Paid to Search the Web

Like most college students, I was always looking for easy ways to make money. I had rent, books, sorority dues, and plenty of other things to pay for. A few months into my freshman year, a girl who lived in my dorm told me she made extra cash by surfing the web. I thought she…

Anna Baluch 02 Jun

10 Things You Should Always Bring to a Job Interview

I’ve been lucky enough to land dozens of job interviews in my lifetime. Through my interview experience, I’ve learned that preparation is the key to success. By preparing for every interview I’ve had, I’ve secured internships, full-time jobs, and freelance gigs. One of the best ways to prepare for a job interview is to bring…

Anna Baluch 29 May

3 Companies That Pay You to Advertise on Your Car

Unless you live in a city or somewhere with good public transit, you probably spend a lot of time in your car. With all that driving — to and from work, running errands, visiting friends, going to the gym — the cost of gas and car maintenance can start to add up. But what if…

Anna Baluch 27 May

10 Easy Ways to Generate Passive Income with Your Car

If you own a car, you know that car payments, gas, maintenance, and repairs can add up quickly. In fact, according to AAA, it costs an average of $706 per month to own a car.[1] But there are ways you can offset the costs by turning your car into a passive income earning tool. 10…

Anna Baluch 22 May