Anna Baluch

Anna Baluch, Personal Finance Expert and Freelance Writer at DollarSprout

Anna Baluch is a freelance personal finance writer who enjoys writing about personal finance topics including mortgages, retirement, insurance, and investing. Her work can be seen on LendingTree, Business Insider, Experian and other well-known publications. Anna lives in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing.

How to Get Paid to Search the Web

If you’re a college student, stay-at-home mom, or anyone else trying to make a little extra money, you can get paid to search the web. All you need is a computer or phone and with a reliable internet connection.

Anna Baluch 02 Jun

What to Bring to a Job Interview

One of the best ways to prepare for a job interview is to bring the right things. Once you figure out what you’re going to wear, it’s time to think about what to bring to a job interview.

Anna Baluch 29 May

How to Get Paid to Advertise on Your Car

If you’re in search of some extra cash, consider a unique passive income stream by advertising on your car. If you’re fine driving around town with ads on your car, you can earn money with minimal effort.

Anna Baluch 27 May

How to Make Passive Income with Your Car

You don’t have to drive for Uber or Lyft if you want to make extra money with your car. There are several opportunities that can allow you to earn passive income with your car with minimal time and effort.

Anna Baluch 22 May

How to Overcome the Challenges of Being a Female Breadwinner

Gender norms have shifted significantly over the last 50 years. Even though being a female breadwinner is more common than ever before, it still comes with its own set of unique challenges. Here’s how to cope with them.

Anna Baluch 07 May

When Is It Okay to Take a Pay Cut for a New Job?

As we progress in our careers, we tend to make more money. Especially as we add new skills, move on to larger companies, and start managing other people. But sometimes we discover that a higher salary doesn’t equal happiness.

Anna Baluch 28 Apr

Should You Get a Graduate Degree? Probably Not

Most people pursue grad school because they want to grow professionally, land their dream job, and make more money. But grad school comes with a significant time and money investment. It’s important to consider the consequences before deciding if it’s the right path for you.

Anna Baluch 21 Apr

Should You Marry a Spender If You’re a Saver?

If you’re a saver, but you find out that your partner is a spender with a pile of debt, is your relationship doomed to failure? Rest assured that all hope is not lost. Here’s how savers and spenders can manage finances in a relationship.

Anna Baluch 14 Apr

Should Parents Pay for Their Children’s College Education?

You have to pick and choose how you spend your money. And sometimes your child’s education is on the chopping block. So should you pay for your child’s college? Read when you should and shouldn’t plan to pay.

Anna Baluch 06 Apr

Opinion: Married Couples Should Have Separate Bank Accounts. Here’s Why

In the past, it was virtually unheard of for married couples to keep their finances separate. Today, more and more are choosing that route. Here are 5 major benefits of keeping separate bank accounts as a married couple.

Anna Baluch 16 Mar