40+ Unique Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her (2024 Edition)

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A thoughtful Valentine's Day gift is a great way to express gratitude for all she does.

My husband and I are big fans of Valentine’s Day.

Some people consider it a “Hallmark holiday,” but we love it because it gives us an excuse to treat one another and make some great memories. Last Valentine’s Day we booked a relaxing couples spa day, complete with champagne, chocolate, and massages.

It was a great way for us to leave our everyday responsibilities behind us and unwind while enjoying one another’s company. Best of all, it didn’t cost us a fortune because we were able to find a great deal on Groupon.

If you’re looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the special lady in your life, rest assured there is no shortage of affordable, personalized, creative, and romantic gifts out there.

1. Handwritten Letter Necklace

handwritten letter necklace

A necklace with a pendant that features a note written in your own handwriting. $100 to $200

Shop Etsy

2. Spa Day Experience

spa day experience

A day of pampering with massages, facials, and relaxation. $150 to $300

Shop Spafinder

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3. Personalized Map

personalized map

A framed print showing the location of a meaningful event in her life, like your engagement or where you first met. $50 to $100

Shop Mapiful

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4. Luxury Silk Pajamas

luxury silk pajamas

High-quality silk pajamas for ultimate comfort and luxury. $100 to $200

Shop Rachel Silk

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5. Wine Subscription Service

wine subscription service

A subscription to a wine club that delivers unique wines each month. $50 to $100 per month

Shop Wine Access

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6. Smart Jewelry

smart jewelry

Wearable tech that looks like elegant jewelry and tracks activity, sleep, stress, meditation and reproductive health. Can be worn as a bracelet or a necklace. $100 to $200

Shop Bellabeat

7. Guilt-Free Chocolate

guilt-free chocolate

You’d be surprised how good this vegan, non-dairy, low-sugar, gluten-free chocolate tastes. $30 to $100

Shop Pure Heavenly

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8. High-End Makeup Palette

high-end makeup palette

A limited edition makeup palette from a luxury brand. $30 to $100

Shop Sephora

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9. Designer Handbag

designer handbag

A luxury handbag from a coveted designer. $500 to $1,000+

Shop Coach

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10. Smart Garden

smart garden

An indoor smart garden for growing herbs and vegetables year-round. $100 to $200

Shop Click & Grow

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11. Jewelry Box Subscription Service

jewelry box subscription service

A monthly subscription that sends curated jewelry pieces. $30 to $100 per month

Shop Cate & Chloe

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12. Handcrafted Ceramic Set

handcrafted ceramic set

A set of beautifully crafted ceramics, such as mugs or plates, from a local artist. $50 to $200

Shop Farmhouse Pottery

13. Adventure Experience Day

adventure experience day

A day of adventure, like hot air ballooning, skydiving, or a scenic helicopter tour. $150 to $500+

Shop Tripadvisor

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14. Ethical Fashion Piece

ethical fashion piece

Clothing or accessories from brands that prioritize sustainability. $50 to $200

Shop Pact

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15. Custom Tea Blending Kit 

custom team blending kit

A kit for blending her own teas, complete with ingredients and instructions. $40 to $80

Shop BlendBee

16. High-Quality Headphones 

high quality headphones

For the music lover, a pair of noise-canceling headphones or stylish earbuds. $100 to $300

Shop Walmart

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17. Botanical Garden Membership

botanical gardens

Year-long access to beautiful gardens and exhibits. $50 to $100

Find One Near Me

18. Leather Journal 

leather journal

A high-quality leather journal with her name or initials embossed. $25 to $75

Shop Gallery Leather

19. Gourmet Cooking Oils Set 

gourmet cooking oil set

A selection of high-end olive oils or infused cooking oils. $50 to $100

Shop Primal Kitchen

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20. Digital Art Frame

digital art frame

A digital frame that displays art and personal photos, changing with a simple app. $200 to $500


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21. Luxury Candle 

luxury candle

Hand-poured, artisanal candles.

$30 to $70

Shop Club 504

22. Boutique Hotel Staycation

boutique hotel staycation

A night at a local boutique hotel with unique charm. $150 to $400

Shop Choice Hotels

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23. Customized Book Club Subscription 

customized book club subscription

A subscription service that sends books tailored to her tastes. $15 to $50

Shop Just the Right Book

24. Designer Yoga Mat

designer yoga mat

A high-quality, beautifully designed yoga mat. $50 to $100

Shop Manduka

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25. Wine Tasting Kit

wine tasting kit

An exclusive sampler set including eight handcrafted, award-winning wines. $25 to $75

Shop Boxt

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26. Personal Stylist Session

personal stylist session

A consultation with a personal stylist, either virtual or in-person. $100 to $300 per session

Shop Macy’s

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27. Eco-Friendly Fashion Accessory

eco-friendly fashion accessory

Sustainable and stylish accessories like scarves or hats. $30 to $100

Shop Project Cece

28. High-End Skin Care Set

high-end skin care set

A luxury skincare routine set from a premium brand. $100 to $500

Shop Noble Panacea

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29. Customized Stationery Set 

custom stationery set

Personalized stationery with her name or monogram. $30 to $60

Shop Crane

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30. Artisanal Coffee Subscription

artisanal coffee subscription

A monthly delivery of gourmet coffee beans from around the world. $20 to $40 per month

Shop Trade Coffee

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31. Cooking Apron

high quality cooking apron

A high-quality apron embroidered with her name or a special message. $50 to $100

Shop Hedley & Bennett

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32. Exotic Plant Arrangement

exotic plant arrangement

A unique and exotic plant, such as an orchid or bonsai tree. $30 to $100

Shop Plants.com

33. Gourmet Cheese Tasting Box

gourmet cheese tasting box

A selection of fine cheeses delivered to her door. $50 to $100

Shop igourmet

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34. Handmade Pottery Class

pottery class

Enrollment in a class to learn pottery making. $100 to $300

Find One Near Me

35. Signature Scent Creation Experience

scent creation experience

A session with a perfumer to create her own signature scent. $200 to $400

Shop Pura Botanicals

36. Luxury Bedding Set

luxury bedding set

High-thread-count sheets and pillowcases for a luxurious sleep experience. $100 to $300

Shop Jennifer Adams

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37. Personalized Photo Album

personalized photo album

A beautifully bound album filled with memorable photos. $50 to $150

Shop Shutterfly

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38. Customizable Jewelry Box

jewelry box

A jewelry box that can be personalized with her name or a message. $50 to $150

Shop Personalization Mall 

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39. Gourmet Gift Basket

gourmet gift basket

A basket filled with luxury foods, wines, and delicacies. $100 to $300

Shop GourmetGiftBaskets.com 

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40. Wellness Retreat 

luxury wellness retreat

Book a weekend at a wellness retreat that offers a mix of relaxation, meditation, yoga, and spa treatments. Choose a location that’s known for its serene environment, offering a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. $1,000 to $3,000

Shop Tripadvisor 

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41. Personalized Fine Art Photography Session

photography session

Arrange for a fine art photography session with a renowned photographer. This session could be themed around her interests, your relationship, or simply designed to create beautiful, artistic images of her or the two of you together. $500 to $2,000

Find One Near Me 

42. Private Dance Lessons for Two 

private dance lessons

Book a series of private dance lessons in a style she loves or has always wanted to try, such as salsa, tango, or ballroom dancing. This experience not only creates fun memories but also brings you closer together. $100 to $300

Find One Near Me 

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How to Decide What to Give Her for Valentine’s Day

The reality is that every woman is different. While some women are hopeless romantics, others prefer practical or adventurous gifts. Before buying a Valentine’s Day gift for the special woman in your life, think about her unique personality. Does she enjoy receiving tangible gifts or are experiences more important to her? Would she prefer that you stick to a budget or is she OK with something expensive?

Once you narrow down her preferences, you’ll find it much easier to find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

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Anna Baluch is a personal finance expert who regularly covers a mortgage, retirement, insurance, and investing beat for The Balance, Business Insider, Experian, and other well-known publications. Anna lives in the suburbs of Cleveland and holds a master's degree from Roosevelt University.

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