How Justin Cambra Makes $1,200 per Month Renting Out a Vacant Lot

Discover how Justin, a former Amazon employee, transformed his backyard into a RV storage space using, earning $1,200 monthly with minimal effort.

Meet Justin Cambra, a former tech professional who discovered a unique way to turn unused space into a steady income stream.

Using an app called, he transformed his backyard into a lucrative RV storage space, earning nearly $1,200 each month.

We wanted to learn more about Justin’s story and how he stumbled upon this somewhat minimal-effort side hustle idea.

What Is

A graphic showing the different areas that you can monetize via is a platform that allows individuals to rent out their unused spaces, transforming them into sources of passive income.

Whether you have an empty driveway, a vacant lot, or even extra room in your garage, connects you with people in need of storage or parking spaces.

Justin’s Transition to Real Estate

Justin’s story starts at Amazon, where he was deeply involved in his tech career. However, everything changed when his father passed away from cancer. “This profound loss prompted me to reevaluate my life’s priorities, emphasizing the fleeting nature of time and the importance of living fully,” Justin reflected.

Motivated by this new perspective, Justin began exploring real estate investing as a side hustle while still at Amazon. As his real estate ventures started to flourish, he found himself more passionate and successful in this field than in his tech career.

Eventually, he made the decision to leave Amazon and dedicate himself entirely to real estate, a move that granted him the flexibility to manage his time and live according to his values.

A while later, one of Justin’s friends introduced him to, a platform that allows individuals to rent out unused space. Intrigued, Justin did his homework—researching the app and reading up on its benefits. He decided to test the waters by clearing a small, weed-covered spot behind his duplex, just large enough to fit a car, and listed it on Neighbor.

To his surprise, the space was rented out within days. Encouraged by this quick success, Justin expanded his efforts, clearing more areas and listing them on the app. The demand continued to grow, and before long, he had monetized every inch of available space. This venture quickly turned into a lucrative side hustle that perfectly complemented his main real estate business, and most importantly, involved very little time and investment on his part.

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Transforming a Vacant Lot into an RV Storage Hub

A side by side showing the before and after of Justin's vacant lot

Justin saw potential in his vacant lot that others might overlook. To prepare his lot for RV storage, he began with some essential landscaping, clearing overgrown areas to make the space more appealing for potential renters. This initial step was crucial in transforming an idle patch of pavement into a desirable rental spot.

Listing the space on was straightforward and took about 15 minutes. Justin uploaded photos, set the rental price, and specified availability times. “The app took over the bulk of the workflow, handling inquiries, payments, and administrative tasks, which made it a highly effective, low-effort side hustle,” Justin explained.

The process involved several key steps:

  • Landscaping: Clearing weeds, trimming overgrowth, and ensuring the ground was level and accessible.
  • Listing on Uploading high-quality photos, writing a detailed description, and setting competitive pricing.
  • Setting up Access: Ensuring that renters could easily park their RVs and access the space when needed.

By focusing on these tasks, Justin was able to quickly attract renters. His first spot was rented out within days, which spurred him to clear more areas and expand his offerings.

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Earning $1,200/mo in Just One Hour

A quote from Justin, "The majority of my time is spent coordinating move-ins and move-outs, and the app facilitates everything else."

Despite earning nearly $1,200 monthly, Justin reports spending less than an hour each month managing his listings. His tasks primarily involve confirming bookings and responding to renters’ questions. handles most logistics, including payments and renter agreements, streamlining the process and maintaining efficiency.

Justin’s monthly tasks include:

  • Confirming bookings
  • Responding to renter inquiries
  • Coordinating move-ins and move-outs

“The majority of my time is spent coordinating move-ins and move-outs, and the app facilitates everything else,” explained Justin.

Initially, Justin was skeptical about the demand for his spaces, especially without offering shuttle services like nearby airport parking lots. However, after researching local market rates, he found that his pricing could be competitive. Clearing overgrown areas and setting up listings were the main challenges, but positive reviews from his first renters helped build trust and attract more users. Justin emphasized the importance of detailed descriptions and high-quality photos to make listings compelling.

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How He Sets His Rates, Then vs. Now

To maximize revenue, Justin started with low prices to fill his lot and gather reviews. Now, he says he uses Neighbor’s ‘Smart Pricing’ feature to adjust rates automatically based on market conditions. His strategic approach includes:

  • Maintaining clean, accessible spaces
  • Responding quickly to inquiries
  • Using high-quality photos for listings

“Keeping my spaces clean and easy to access helps retain renters longer and brings in referrals,” Justin added. 

How the Income Has Transformed Justin’s Life

The income boost from renting out his property has been nothing short of surprising for Justin. Vehicle storage wasn’t initially on his radar, but it quickly became a cornerstone of his financial strategy. “The income boost from renting out my property has been surprising; vehicle storage isn’t something that I initially thought about,” Justin admitted. 

The additional income stream has freed Justin up to focus on expanding his real estate ventures without the constant pressure of a traditional nine-to-five job. “This side hustle has helped me tackle debt, amplify my savings, go on vacations, and reinvest in new real estate opportunities,” Justin said.

“Financially, it’s given me a safety net that makes my goals more achievable and takes the pressure off my primary business,” Justin explained. The side hustle has not only been about generating income quickly but also about making his money work smarter and from anywhere in the world.

Justin’s Advice for Aspiring Hustlers

For those considering a similar venture, Justin advises starting small and scaling gradually.

“Evaluate what unused spaces you have—be it a driveway, garage, or even a closet—and list it. It’s a low-risk way to dip your toes into the world of passive income.” 

Looking ahead, Justin plans to expand by acquiring additional properties that offer both traditional rental spaces and unique storage opportunities. He is also exploring other passive income ventures that complement his lifestyle. “This dual approach allows for full-property monetization and aligns with my real estate agent clients’ needs,” he concluded.


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