couple working through debt

Should Debt Be a Marriage Deal Breaker? How to Have the Debt Talk

Money and debt shouldn’t be taboo topics when you’re dating someone you want to marry. Knowing what you’re getting into can help you prepare and plan for what’s to come or help you identify red flags that could signal it’s time to leave.

Jen Smith 13 Apr
woman taking the Enneagram test on her laptop

How to Improve Your Finances Based on Your Enneagram Type

The Enneagram profiler helps you discover why you do what you do and how to make better choices. This makes it a useful tool in discovering why we spend money the way we do and how to improve our financial habits.

Jen Smith 07 Apr
parents helping college student move in

Should Parents Pay for Their Children’s College Education?

You have to pick and choose how you spend your money. And sometimes your child’s education is on the chopping block. So should you pay for your child’s college? Read when you should and shouldn’t plan to pay.

Anna Baluch 06 Apr
Felicia Kelly working on her computer

How One Woman Turned Her Financial Crisis Into a Successful Business

No matter what your salary is, you can still fall into the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle. But there are lessons you can learn from others’ mistakes that might prevent you from falling into a similar situation. This woman shares her story in detail.

Jen Smith 18 Mar
Alexandra and Ryan Davis

Opinion: Married Couples Should Have Separate Bank Accounts. Here’s Why

In the past, it was virtually unheard of for married couples to keep their finances separate. Today, more and more are choosing that route. Here are 5 major benefits of keeping separate bank accounts as a married couple.

Anna Baluch 16 Mar
Mother receiving a gift from daughter

40 Best Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Moms are some of the most selfless people on the planet. If you’re trying to find Mother’s Day gifts for the women in your life, there are plenty of great ideas for moms with every personality, life stage, and price range.

Jen Smith 02 Mar
all star cheerleaders

All Star Cheer Costs a Fortune, but I Pay for It Anyway. Here’s Why

For the past seven years, my daughter has been a competitive cheerleader. But even though all star cheer takes up a significant part of my monthly budget, when I sit down and think about it, it’s worth it.

Jana Lynch 24 Feb
Hildebrands Debt Payoff Success Story Featured Image

How This Couple Paid Off $20,000 in Debt After Losing Their Jobs

Everything was going right for Kyle and Adrian Hildebrand. Until Adrian unexpectedly lost her job. Then several months later, her husband was laid off. Here’s the story of how these layoffs inspired them to pay off their debt, even with a low income.

Jen Smith 13 Feb
Micah Jankowski and Her Husband

How One Woman Paid Off $10,000 of Debt in Eleven Months

Micah had $9,970.40 in student loan and credit card debt. She worked two jobs but could still only make the minimum payments. Sometimes, she couldn’t make them at all. Eventually, it became too much. Micah decided something had to change.

Anna Baluch 13 Feb
Woman Taking a Selfie While Shopping

Are You Addicted to Shopping? Here Are 5 Signs You Might Be

Shopping can transition into an addiction if you start using aimless purchases to fill an emotional or social void. If you think you or someone you love might have a shopping addiction, here’s how you can identify and manage it.

Ben Huber 17 Jan