40 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for The Mom Who “Doesn’t Need Anything”

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Finding Christmas gifts for mom can seem daunting.

If your mom tells you she has everything, like my mom often does, rest assured that there is an item or experience you can get her that will put a smile on her face.

Since my mom seems to have every gadget under the sun, holiday gift shopping for her is no walk in the park. I have to get really creative and spend a good few hours looking online before coming up with the perfect gift.

Last year, I treated her to a mother-daughter day where we went out to lunch, got our nails done, painted at a local pottery studio, and saw a chick flick. She loved every second of it and has already told me she wants a similar gift for this year.

There are many Christmas gift ideas for mom that she is sure to appreciate. And, believe it or not, a lot of them are affordable, so you don’t have to break the bank to put a smile on her face.

10 Christmas Gifts for Mom Under $20

Trying to do Christmas on a budget this year? No problem! There are plenty of Christmas presents for mom that are thoughtful, sweet, and cost less than 20 bucks.

1. Novelty Coffee Mug

Does your mom love her coffee? If so, gift her a novelty coffee mug with a funny saying.

You can find ones that say something like, “No matter how hard life gets, at least you don’t have ugly children,” or “I love my mom more than my sibling does.”

She’ll be laughing every morning and is sure to think of you every time she takes a sip.

2. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes make the perfect gift for the mom who loves decorating her home. Since they’re durable enough to withstand rain and moisture, she can hang them indoors or outdoors.

Pick wind chimes that reflect her design aesthetic. No matter where she puts them, she’ll love the color and peaceful sounds they bring to her life.

Since wind chimes come in various styles and sizes, you should have no problem finding the perfect ones for your mom.

3. Hummingbird Feeder

If your mom likes to spend time outside bird watching, she’ll be thrilled with a hummingbird feeder.

She can hang it on a wall hook, tree branch, deck hook, or feeding poll.

Then, she can sit back, relax, and take in the beauty of nature.

There are lots of types of feeders to choose from so you can select one that matches your mom’s unique style.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser Bracelet

If your mom has jumped on the essential oil bandwagon, you can treat her to an essential oil diffuser bracelet.

You can drop her favorite essential oil into it so every time she wears it, she’ll feel calm and relaxed.

This bracelet may be perfect to escape the tension and stress of everyday life.

5. Cozy Socks

Let your mom lounge around her house with a pair of cozy socks.

Cozy socks make the ideal stocking stuffer and are one of those gifts that your mom will definitely use. After all, there’s no such thing as having too many socks, right?

They come in a variety of colors and patterns and are sure to keep your mom warm all winter long.

6. Scented Candle(s)

It’s no secret that many moms appreciate good-smelling candles. If your mom loves scented candles, it only makes sense that you add to her collection.

Whether you buy candles that smell like lavender, chocolate chip cookies, or freshly washed sheets, she’ll enjoy a sense of relaxation and think of you when she lights them.

7. Bath Bombs

If your mom likes to soak in a bubble bath at the end of a long day, you can’t go wrong with bath bombs.

She’ll enjoy a fizzy, lush bath and forget about any of her worries or daily stressors.

These bath bombs come in a variety of incredible scents like peppermint, lavender, and eucalyptus.

You can also find ones that smell like hot cocoa or champagne.

8. Box of Chocolate

A box of Godiva chocolate is a great option for the chocolate-loving mom in your life. It’s filled with chocolate truffles in hazelnut crunch, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and salted caramel flavors.

Each flavor is delicious and is sure to put your mom in a good mood. Since they come in an elegant gift box, she’ll think of you long after the chocolates are gone.

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9. Wine Tumbler

If you have a wine-loving mom, a wine tumbler makes a useful yet affordable gift.

Its double-wall vacuum insulated design will keep her wine cool for at least nine hours while she sips on some Chardonnay or Rose.

This is a gift she can use while she’s out-and-about at a party or relaxing at home. You can choose from a plethora of colors and pair this tumbler with a bottle of your mom’s favorite wine.

10. Indoor Planter

Getting your mom an indoor planter is a thoughtful way to show her that you care about her houseplants and want them to thrive in the colder months.

She can use the planter to spruce up her favorite plants or add some modern flair to her bedroom or office.

It’ll add a sophisticated twist to her space.

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10 Meaningful Christmas Gifts for Mom

A sentimental gift is a great way to savor the meaningful connection you have with your mom. If your mom loves a good tear-jerker, a sentimental gift may be the way to go.

11. Decorative Sign or Plaque

There are countless signs or plaques that your mom will appreciate if she likes to display meaningful quotes or inspirational sayings throughout the house.

You can get her a sign or plaque that says something like, “I love you a bushel and a peck and a hug around your neck,” and she’ll think of you every time she sees it.

12. Engraved Jewelry Tray

For the jewelry-loving mom, an engraved jewelry tray with a quote or saying about her is an excellent choice.

She can use it to store her rings, earrings, or other small jewelry items and decorate her bedroom.

She’ll never have to worry about losing her favorite jewelry because it’ll all be in one spot.

13. Family Tree Picture Frame Display

Show your mom how her family has blossomed over the years with a family tree picture frame display.

It features intricately carved branches and leaves spaces for you to add pictures of your family members.

Your mom will love being able to see all her loved ones every time she walks by it.

14. Knock Knock What I Love About Mom Journal

Looking for a unique way to tell your mom why you love her? Buy her the Knock Knock what I love about mom journal. This tiny book is packed with fill-in-the-blank lines that can help you describe why your mom is the best.

All you have to do is complete each line with hilarious, honest, or heartfelt words and watch your mom smile as she reads it. You can get the whole family in on it by asking them what they’d say.

15. Engraved Necklace

If your mom loves personalized jewelry, an engraved necklace is a great idea.

You can get her a necklace that simply says the word “Mom,” one with all of her children’s names and their birthstones, or engrave a quote that you know she lives by or loves.

A locket with a picture of her family is also a good idea.

You can personalize it with her anniversary date or birthday.

16. Journal

Journaling is good for your mom’s soul so why not get her a beautiful journal? She can use it to jot down her grocery lists, write her daily to-dos, record her goals, or summarize the day’s events.

You can write a thoughtful message on the first few pages of the journal so she has something nice to read every time she opens it.

17. Customized Pillow

With a customized pillow, your mom will think of you every time she lays her head down. The pillow can feature a photo, text, or a combination of both.

You can add a photo of you and your mom from your wedding day or a quote you know will make her smile.

The possibilities are endless.

18. Photo Book

Moms love looking at photos of themselves, their families, and their kids.

Buy a photo book for your mom and fill it with memories of your childhood.

You can use a marker to add captions to each photo and tell a story that may have your mom crying and laughing all at once.

A photo book is a perfect way for her to relive the good old days.

19. Personalized Ornament

A sentimental gift doesn’t have to be big. Even something small like a personalized ornament will get your mom excited.

The ornament can contain a picture of both of you, your name along with your siblings’ names or a picture of her dog or cat.

There are a plethora of ornaments you can choose from.

20. Photo Collage Blanket

Gather your favorite photos of you and your mom and order a photo collage blanket.

Your mom will love cuddling up with a blanket that reminds her of your special relationship.

Even when you’re far away from your mom, she’ll feel close to you with this unique blanket by her side. If she’s a dog lover, you can include photos of her pup.

10 Practical Christmas Gifts for Mom

Practical gifts don’t have to be boring. There are lots of useful gift options that your mom will use and enjoy on a regular basis.

21. New Purse or Handbag

Does your mom like to be prepared at all times? She may appreciate a new purse or handbag so that she has somewhere fashionable to store everything she needs. With a new purse or handbag, she’ll be able to take her tissues, sunglasses, wallet, lipstick, antibacterial wipes, and medicine wherever she goes.

Choosing the right one is the next question. If she likes to be hands-free or walks around a lot, a crossbody may be a good option. If you know she’ll need plenty of room, a large shoulder tote may make more sense.

22. Set of Pots and Pans

Have your mom’s pots and pans seen better days? Get her a set of pots and pans so she can leave her old, scratched up cookware behind.

This 8-piece set is stainless steel, non-stick, and dishwasher safe, making easy to cook with and clean.

Whether she’s searing a steak, flipping pancakes, or simmering soup, she’ll be able to cook like a pro with a brand new set of pots and pans at her disposal.

23. Cozy House Slippers

Whether your mom is cleaning, cooking, or doing laundry, she’s likely on her feet.

Treat her to a pair of cozy house slippers so she can give her feet some TLC when she’s home.

She’ll be thankful you helped her kiss her swollen feet and cold toes goodbye this winter season.

24. Cast Iron Skillet Cleaner

If your mom loves her cast iron skillet but wishes there was an easier way to clean it, she’ll love a cast iron skillet cleaner.

This chainmail-like scrubber lets her clean the cast iron without using a sponge. It only takes minutes to get rid of caked-on mess without scratching her skillet. You can expect it to last her just as long as the skillet does.

25. Veggie Spiral Slicer

Slicing veggies can be a real pain. A veggie spiral slicer is a breeze to use and works on a variety of fruits and veggies.

This is a great gift option if your mom is a health-conscious eater or looking for a fun and easy way to improve her eating habits.

If she’s trying to cut down on carbs and calories, she can use the slicer to swap traditional for zucchini noodles or “zoodles.”

26. Garden Tool Set with Organizer

If your mom has a green thumb, you can’t get any more practical than a garden toolset with an organizer.

It’s loaded with almost everything she needs to enjoy herself in the garden. She’ll love her new shovel, mini rake, trowel, cultivator, hand weeder, spade, heavy-duty gloves, sprayer, and adorable garden tote bag.

This gift is a particularly good choice if your mom loves to garden but hasn’t upgraded her equipment in a while.

27. Cardigan

A cardigan is one of the most versatile clothing items you can buy for your mom.

She can dress it down with a tank top and her favorite pair of jeans or fancy it up with a skirt or dress.

There’s no shortage of styles and colors to choose from, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding a cardigan that your mom will get great use out of.

28. Avocado Hugger

An avocado hugger is ideal if your mom loves to get her daily avocado toast. Its patented design will reduce air exposure and slow the oxidation process to keep your mom’s avocados fresh for as long as possible.

She’ll no longer have to throw away uneaten avocado halves or go through the hassle of using foil or plastic wrap to try to keep them from going brown.

29. Heat-Conducting Ice Cream Scoop

If your mom says no to ice cream because it takes forever to soften, she’ll be thrilled with a heat-conducting ice cream scoop.

It was specifically engineered to help your mom avoid the strain that comes when scooping rock-hard ice cream. She’ll no longer have to melt ice cream in the microwave and can finally enjoy ice cream straight from the freezer.

30. Phone Sanitizer

If your mom is germ-conscious (read: carries around a bottle of sanitizer everywhere she goes), then she’ll get excited about a phone sanitizer.

Cell phones can get dirty quickly, and it’s easy to forget to give it a scrub every once in a while. A phone sanitizer can quickly and conveniently disinfect her entire phone.

10 Fun and Unique Christmas Gifts for Mom

Experiences are the perfect gift for the mom who has everything. These outings will also help you create lasting memories.

31. Favorite Food or Candy Gift Basket

Is there one type of food or candy your mom can’t live without?

If she’s addicted to Reese’s peanut butter and chocolate cups, you can create a gift basket with an assortment of Reese’s candies.

If she’s a “cheeseaholic,” a gourmet cheese basket may be perfect.

32. Jade Facial Roller

Does your mom love trying the latest beauty products? Treat her to a Jade stone facial roller that she can incorporate into her regular beauty routine.

This unique beauty tool has the power to remove sub-surface water and can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead, eye, nose, and mouth areas. It will also feel incredible on her skin.

33. Movie Night at Home DIY Basket

If your mom loves a relaxing night in, get creative and make her a movie night at home basket.

You can include her favorite DVD, a few mini wine bottles, movie-theater popcorn, chocolate, candy, and anything else you think she’ll like while watching a flick on her couch.

Instead of buying a DVD, you can get her a gift card to Netflix or Hulu if she doesn’t have a subscription.

34. Electric Back Massager

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on professional massages for your mom when an electric back massager will do the trick.

She can keep it at home and use it to unwind when her muscles are feeling tense or she’s had a long day.

Electric back massagers are easy to use so don’t worry if your mom isn’t great with technology.

35. Kindle Fire

Your mom will never be bored with a Kindle Fire.

She can use this tablet to check her email, browse social media, shop online, listen to music, play games and more.

Once your mom gets a Kindle Fire, she’ll wonder why she didn’t own one sooner. The Kindle Fire is one of the most versatile Christmas gifts that money can buy.

36. Genetic Ethnicity Test

Let your mom discover something new about herself with an Ancestry DNA test.

After you give her the kit, she’ll return it to a state-of-the-art lab in a prepaid package with her saliva sample.

She’ll get her results online in six to eight weeks and learn all about who she is and where her family comes from.

37. Manicure/Pedicure Gift Certificate

A mani-pedi gift certificate is a fun way to spoil your mom. If she’s a “girly girl,” she’ll love getting pampered, especially if she doesn’t treat herself often. Not only will her hands and feet look great, but she’ll feel great, too.

If you can, come along with her and get a mani-pedi too so you can spend some quality time together. If you can’t go, buy her a second gift certificate so she can take a friend.

38. Mother/Daughter or Mother/Son Movie Date Voucher

When was the last time you took your mom out for a movie? If you can’t remember or it’s been years, you can’t go wrong with a movie date voucher.

Watching a movie after the holidays is perfect because the Oscar-worthy films will be out in theaters. Find a movie you’ll both enjoy and create a voucher with the date and time of the showing.

While you’re at the theater, don’t forget to buy your mom a large tub of popcorn or her favorite candy. You can also pick a theater that offers food so you can treat her to dinner and a movie.

39. Weekend Getaway

If your mom loves to travel and explore new places, a weekend getaway is a gift she’ll never forget. You can book her a stay at a nearby bed and breakfast or a hotel in a big city so she can make memories in a place she’s never been to before.

This gift does cost a bit more, but you can save money by picking a weekend without anything else going on. You can also look for special deals on travel sites or call and ask for discounts directly.

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40. Cooking Class

A cooking class is a great gift for a mom who loves spending time in the kitchen. Find a cooking class at a local cooking school or cookware store and expose your mom to an exciting night of learning from professional chefs. She’ll get to try a new recipe and unleash her inner chef.

Better yet, sign up for the class too so you can take it together. If you don’t live in town, have her take the class with a girlfriend.

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Choosing the Christmas Right Gift for the Impossible Mom

While choosing the right gift for your mom may still seem challenging, remember that it’s the thought that counts. Even if your mom seems impossible to please, you can always find something that will make her happy.

If you can’t find anything online or at a brick-and-mortar store, get crafty and make her something she’ll love. Sentimental gifts are a good idea, especially if you live far away.

Regardless of what you gift your mom this Christmas, be sure to remind her how much she means to you. After all, that’s what the holidays are really all about.

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