Trinity Owen

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Trinity OwenTrinity Owen, a home-based business enthusiast, started her first small business venture as a sophomore in college. When she didn’t become a millionaire within two months, she decided to focus on her education for the time being.

Instead of jumping into the next business plan, Trinity put her business endeavors on hold for most of her remaining years of college and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 2011.

Upon graduating, Trinity’s research and testing of work from home opportunities continued while employed full time.

After a wedding, two years as a debt collector, a year in client reporting and an exciting pregnancy announcement, Trinity took her chances and jumped into self-employment full time. It took one year to replace her full-time income (and then some) and Trinity knew from then on that freelance writing, SEO editing and ultimately teaching others to work from home were her passion.

After more than 10 years of research (laced with some trial and error), Trinity shares her expertise in various work from home opportunities.

When she’s not freelancing, Trinity enjoys spending time with her family, working on her blog, The Pay At Home Parent, and drafting new business plans for her next “big idea.”

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