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Lindsay VanSomeren

Lindsay is a personal finance expert and writer based in Washington state. After graduating with two degrees in Wildlife Biology and Conservation, Lindsay found herself underemployed and $100,000 in debt.

She has since learned how to manage money wisely and uses her experience to help others make smart financial decisions. Today, her work appears on sites like Business Insider, Credit Karma, The Balance, Value Penguin, Magnify Money, and more.  

In her spare time, Lindsay enjoys hiking, reading, homebrewing, travel hacking, and sharing her personal experience on her own blog,

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How to Make Money on Facebook: 5 Easy Strategies

If you want to make money with Facebook, you’ll need a game plan first. From managing ads to selling your own products and services, here are 5 proven ways to make money on Facebook, regardless of your skills and experience.

Lindsay VanSomeren 03 Jun

How Beginners Can Earn Money with YouTube

It’s not fast, and it’s definitely not as easy as it seems, but if you’re a creative person with a message to share and an interest in video, you can learn how to make money on YouTube.

Lindsay VanSomeren 29 Jan

4 Ways to Get Paid to Tweet (and How to Earn Money on Twitter)

Promoting yourself on social media doesn’t have to be limited to your vacation pics and selfies. You can also promote products you like and services you provide. Knowing how to do this right can make you money on Twitter.

Lindsay VanSomeren 21 Jan

11 Best Free Movie Websites for Your Next In-Home Movie Night

It’s no secret that paid TV services are expensive. There are plenty of free movie websites for you to access that will replace those paid services, so there’s no need to stress about missing out on your favorite or must-see movies.

Lindsay VanSomeren 19 Jan

23 Best Places to Sell Crafts Online

Making crafts is often an expensive hobby. But if you’re really talented or interested, you might be able to turn your hobby into a side hustle, and maybe even a full-time business. Just ask Alicia Shaffer, who makes $80,000 per month selling handmade clothes on Etsy. Alicia is probably an outlier, but since the craft…

Lindsay VanSomeren 18 Jan

The 5 Best Freelance Writing Courses (According to Expert Freelance Writers)

If you’re a strong writer, freelance writing is a great way to make money online. By investing in an online writing course, you can improve and build upon your skills so that you can confidently start your freelance writing business.

Lindsay VanSomeren 15 Jan

Ipsos i-Say Review: How Does it Compare to Other Survey Sites?

Ipsos i-Say is a popular survey site that lets you trade your opinions for cash. It’s one of many survey sites available, so it’s important to understand how it compares to its competitors. We’ll dive into the details here.

Lindsay VanSomeren 30 Dec

Peer-to-Peer Lending: The Ultimate Guide for Borrowers and Investors

Peer-to-peer lending relies on a crowdsourcing model where other people can fund your loan. Peer-to-peer funding attracts two different types of people: borrowers who need money, and investors who want to make money funding other people’s loans.

Lindsay VanSomeren 18 Dec

6 Legal Ways to Get Free Amazon Prime

You may be able to get free Amazon Prime for a short period of time. Even if it’s not permanent, a few months of free Amazon Prime puts a little bit of money back into your pocket.

Lindsay VanSomeren 25 Nov

13 Legit Apps That Pay You to Walk (By Tracking Your Steps)

There are several apps available to use so you can get paid to walk. It might not be as lucrative as other side hustles like freelance writing, but it can still be a good way to earn extra money.

Lindsay VanSomeren 24 Nov