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Kim Porter, Personal Finance Expert and Freelance Writer at DollarSproutKim Porter is a personal finance expert who loves talking budgets, credit cards, and student loans. In addition to serving as a contributing writer for Bankrate, Porter also writes for publications such as U.S. News & World Report, Credit Karma,, and Lending Tree.

When she’s not writing or reading, you can usually find her planning a trip or training for her next race. To learn more about Porter, you can visit her on Twitter @kimsavesmoney or on LinkedIn.

16 Best Money-Saving Apps to Help You Reach Your Savings Goals

There are three types of money-saving apps: those that help you save money, apps that help you save while shopping, and apps that help you cut back expenses. Depending on your goals and preferences, you might need some, one, or all.

Kim Porter 20 Oct

How to Make a Resume from Start to Finish

You only have seconds to make an impression. Recruiters spend an average of 7.4 seconds scanning a resume, according to a study by Ladders Inc. That’s why it’s important to learn how to make a resume that will catch anyone’s eye.

Kim Porter 15 Oct

4 Best Ways to Invest in Art (Even as a Beginner)

Fine art investing is best for people who truly enjoy art, but it’s also a good fit if you’re looking for ways to diversify your investment portfolio and balance risk. Here are four ways you can get started.

Kim Porter 23 Sep

How This Teacher Turned YouTuber Makes $40,000 per Month

YouTube can be a great way to make money online, but it probably won’t happen overnight. Gabby Wallace’s YouTube following started with about 100 students in 2011 and steadily increased every year until she hit a million subscribers in 2018.

Kim Porter 17 Sep

How to Make a Good Impression on Your First Day at a New Job

These soft skills in the workplace are important because they can help you fit in and succeed in the new role. Whether you work remotely or in an office, start showing the right traits by taking these steps.

Kim Porter 15 Sep

How to Find a New Career That Suits You Perfectly

Whether you’re looking to earn more, your work goals have changed, or your boss isn’t great, you might be looking to switch careers. About half of adults have made a dramatic career change at some point in their lives, according to a survey conducted by[1] But jumping immediately to a new career could cost…

Kim Porter 10 Sep

Flexible and Lucrative: How a Retired Teacher Makes $2,500 per Month as an English Language Tutor

Teaching with VIPKid has become a lucrative career for Saulters, who now averages about 220 lessons a month and consistently earns about $2,500. Throughout three years with the company, she’s learned some tricks that can help you boost your earnings.

Kim Porter 03 Sep

11 Skills Employers Look for That Most People Never Think About

The “hard skills”— the specifics of how to get the job done — are only part of what an employer wants to see. Soft skills are just as important. Here’s a look into some skills employers look for and how to improve them.

Kim Porter 30 Jul

12 Steps Freelancers Should Take During the Coronavirus

There are still ways to build a community, find sources of income, and stay productive during the pandemic. Here are 12 steps you can take to manage the emotional impact and keep earning a living.

Kim Porter 01 Jul

15 Ways to Maximize Your Productivity and Earnings

Productivity is about managing your time, energy, and focus—so you can get work done, get money, and still have time to, well, get a life. With that in mind, here are 15 ways to boost your productivity and earning potential.

Kim Porter 14 May