couple working through debt

Should Debt Be a Marriage Deal Breaker? How to Have the Debt Talk

Money and debt shouldn’t be taboo topics when you’re dating someone you want to marry. Knowing what you’re getting into can help you prepare and plan for what’s to come or help you identify red flags that could signal it’s time to leave.

Jen Smith 13 Apr
woman taking the Enneagram test on her laptop

How to Improve Your Finances Based on Your Enneagram Type

The quest for self-discovery is a never-ending journey. The more we know ourselves, the more we have to look at not just our good qualities, but our negative ones as well. A tool that many find helpful is personality profilers. These tests can narrow down the number of feelings, mindsets, and motivations and help us…

Jen Smith 07 Apr
parents helping college student move in

Should Parents Pay for Their Children’s College Education?

You have to pick and choose how you spend your money. And sometimes your child’s education is on the chopping block. So should you pay for your child’s college? Here’s what to consider before deciding.

Anna Baluch 06 Apr
Felicia Kelly working on her computer

Poor on $100,000: The Mistakes One Woman Made as a New Six-Figure Earner

In the summer of 2011, Felicia Kelly had no job and no home. She’d gone from making nearly $10,000 per month to having just $100 in her bank account — and that was from a friend. We often idolize people with six-figure salaries. It seems like they should have no problem paying bills, investing for…

Jen Smith 18 Mar
Alexandra and Ryan Davis

Opinion: Married Couples Should Have Separate Bank Accounts. Here’s Why

In the past, it was virtually unheard of for married couples to keep their finances separate. Today, more and more are choosing that route. Here are 5 major benefits of keeping separate bank accounts as a married couple.

Anna Baluch 16 Mar
all star cheerleaders

All Star Cheer Costs a Fortune, but I Pay for It Anyway. Here’s Why

I’m a pretty frugal person by nature. I use coupons when I remember them, mostly keep to a budget, occasionally participate in no-spend challenges, and have an overall handle on what I’m doing with my money. Plus, there’s not a whole lot I like to spend money on. Food allergies keep me eating at home,…

Jana Lynch 24 Feb
Woman Taking a Selfie While Shopping

5 Signs You Might Have a Shopping Addiction

Most of us get carried away with our spending from time to time. Maybe you sometimes buy an extra item at the grocery store or indulge in some retail therapy. But there’s a fine line between shopping for fun and having a full-blown shopping addiction. Labeling yourself or someone else as a shopping addict may…

Ben Huber 17 Jan
elderly man lending money to his adult son

4 Reasons You Should Never Lend Money to Friends or Family

People love to help their loved ones when they can, especially their friends and family. While this can work out for both parties, it can put strain on your relationship and has the potential to cause more harm than good.

Kevin Payne 16 Jan
woman opening a box with a concerned face

9 Gifts You Should Never Buy as Christmas Presents

I have an aunt who loves to get Christmas gifts for everyone. Shopping for presents is actually her favorite part of the holiday season, but she doesn’t actually put a lot of time into thinking about the gift receiver. As a result, her gifts are always the first to be donated to Goodwill in the…

Jen Smith 03 Jan
Man working on his laptop and showing visible signs of stress

Is Working From Home Bad for Your Mental Health?

While working from home does come with its perks, mental health experts have found that it can take a serious toll on your mental health. But there are plenty of things you can do to keep your mental health in good shape.

Anna Baluch 20 Dec