Paulette Perhach

Paulette Perhach, Personal Finance Expert and Freelance Writer at DollarSproutPaulette Perhach is a writer and journalist based in Seattle. She’s the author of Welcome to the Writer’s Life and host of the podcast Can We Talk About Money?

Perhach holds a magazine journalism degree from the University of Florida. Her writing has been published in the New York Times, Elle, Slate, Vice, and other well-known publications.

11 Good Work Habits for Becoming a Stand-Out Employee

The first ten years of my career were a lesson in failure habits. I didn’t realize what the procrastination, time wasting, and laziness were doing to my career until a decade passed and my peers zoomed by me while I stayed stuck in place. Bad habits are enjoyable in the short-term, but having good work…

Paulette Perhach 28 Oct

How to Write a Cover Letter That Gets Noticed (with Example)

Early in my career, cover letters and resumes involved a trip to the printer and at least one sleepless night of obsessing over punctuation. Only recently, when I attempted to hire someone myself, did I realize how much things have changed — or how much people seem to think things have changed. Many emailed resumes…

Paulette Perhach 27 Oct

How to Write a Resignation Letter (with 3 Examples)

After careful consideration, you’ve decided to leave your job. But how do you break the news? A meeting? Text? Icing message on a cake? While those are all fair options, your best bet is to write a resignation letter. However, that’s often not as easy as it sounds. The chances for error or misinterpretation are…

Paulette Perhach 18 Aug

How to Stand Out at Work (According to 10 CEOs)

Once you’ve gotten a callback, aced your interview, and received a job offer, it can feel like the pressure is off. But your performance now serves as an extended interview for the job you’ll want next year or even five or ten years. Not all companies are cut-throat, but in some way, you’ll usually be…

Paulette Perhach 05 Aug

These 5 Millennials Make Over $1,000 per Month Blogging. Here’s How

Just because blogs came out when we were still saying “World Wide Web” doesn’t mean the entire idea of these personal publications is out of style. The medium has evolved so much since then. Now, a lot of people use blogs as part of a sophisticated marketing strategy to attract business. No more just telling…

Paulette Perhach 21 Jul

Optimism Bias May Be Hurting Your Finances: Here’s How

My grandmother always told me that all I needed was just a dime-size drop of shampoo. In the shower, I would dump a mound on my palm to defy her. I had never been poor. But, in my 20s, I had my own tough experiences. I let myself get caught in the consumerist wheel of…

Paulette Perhach 30 Jun