Paulette Perhach

Paulette Perhach, Personal Finance Expert and Freelance Writer at DollarSproutPaulette Perhach is a writer and journalist based in Seattle. She’s the author of Welcome to the Writer’s Life and host of the podcast Can We Talk About Money?

Perhach holds a magazine journalism degree from the University of Florida. Her writing has been published in the New York Times, Elle, Slate, Vice, and other well-known publications.

How to Stand Out at Work (in the Best Way Possible)

You want to make sure you’re known for the good work you do, but it can be difficult to know what supervisors are looking for in a quality employee. Here’s how to make sure you stand out at work.

Paulette Perhach 05 Aug

These 5 Millennials Started Blogging 12 Months Ago. Now They’re All Making $1,000+/Month

From SEO to affiliate links, content to distribution, there’s a lot to learn about blogging. These millennial bloggers started their blogs about a year ago and are already making money blogging — $1,000 or more a month.

Paulette Perhach 21 Jul

How to Use Your Biases to Be Better Financially Prepared

Humans have what’s called an optimism bias. We think our lives are going to go better than they more likely will. Here’s how to leverage those biases to save more money and better prepare for financial hardship.

Paulette Perhach 30 Jun