Ben Watson, CPA

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Ben Watson, CPA

Ben graduated from Murray State University with a B.S. in Accounting and Finance. He first discovered a passion for helping small businesses and ministries while partnering with non-profits in Southeast Asia. After spending several years abroad, he completed a BS in Accounting and Finance and successfully passed the CPA exam within 6 months of graduating college.

Since graduating, Ben has worked in tax prep for dozens of organizations worldwide and is a quoted contributor in a number of notable publications including NBC, Yahoo! Finance, Cheapism, GOBankingRates, The Simple Dollar, Reader’s Digest, Chime Bank, and more.

When he’s not busy as DollarSprout’s vCFO, Ben can be found at FiscalFluency, where he teaches business finance to millennial entrepreneurs.

He’s also the co-creator of the Business Launch Kit — an online course with simple steps to create a business without making a mess.

When he isn’t empowering clients to run their lives and businesses with confidence, Ben is riding his motorcycle, rock climbing, backpacking, and enjoying life with his wife Casey, and dog, Whiskey.

To learn more, connect with Ben on LinkedIn.

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