Banking Basics

couple deciding which bank to choose

How to Choose Which Bank is Best for Your Financial Needs

Picking a new bank is a big decision — one that could cost you hundreds of dollars a year. The right bank should be accessible, free, and easy to use. Here’s how to choose the right bank for your needs.

TJ Porter16 Jul
credit vs debit cards

Here’s the Difference Between Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Debit cards and credit cards look almost identical. They each have 16-digit card numbers and security codes. While both offer protection and convenience over carrying cash, there are some major differences between these two card types that could significantly impact your wallet.

Amy Beardsley29 May
woman researching how to fill out a money order

How to Fill Out a Money Order: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

There are times when a plastic card or paper cash isn’t enough – for instance, if you need to mail a significant sum of money or send a secure payment. For anyone in situations like these, a money order is the solution.

Zina Kumok15 Mar
man putting coins in a jar

Comparing Two Popular Savings Tools: Money Market vs. CD

If you’re saving up for a big purchase such as a dream vacation or even just a grocery-getter car, money market accounts and CDs are two great tools that’ll help you get there. But you should know the difference between these two options.

Lindsay VanSomeren12 Mar
couple reviewing bank account balances

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on Bank Account Interest?

The amount you owe in taxes will depend on two factors: how much interest you earned and your tax bracket. We’ll break down how to find out how much you owe and how to reduce your tax bill.

Lindsay VanSomeren07 Mar
couple looking at a bank statement

What is a Bank Statement and How Do I Read It?

A bank statement is a record of your transactions from a checking or savings account over a certain statement period. It shows all the deposits and withdrawals that occurred for your account. It includes any checks you wrote, credits you received and more.

Zina Kumok07 Mar
woman opening a bank account online

How to Open a Bank Account Online: A Step-by-Step Guide

Banking has come a long way since the days of our parents. Perhaps even you have memories of the weekly hassle of standing in line at a brick-and-mortar bank waiting to conduct your business?

Lindsay VanSomeren05 Mar
CD vs. Savings Account

Comparing a CD vs. Savings Account. How Are They Different?

CDs and savings accounts are two of the most popular ways to save money with a bank. Both pay interest and can help you accomplish your savings goals. However, each one has specific features that make it best for different uses.

Lindsay VanSomeren07 Feb
How Many Bank Accounts Should I Have?

How Many Bank Accounts Should I Have? At Least These 3

Opening a new bank account has become extremely easy. But how many bank accounts is enough, and how many is too many? One personal finance expert shares her best tips for mitigating account fees and maximizing your earnings.

Lindsay VanSomeren27 Jan
Banks vs. Credit Unions

Credit Union vs. Bank: How to Decide Which One is Right for You

Your first big decision when finding a place to store your money is whether to choose a credit union vs. a bank. Though similar, there are some very real differences between these two institutions that may affect your banking experience.

Lindsay VanSomeren20 Jan